Today I’m sharing what is an incredibly late book haul post that I have been meaning to share since the end of April!  Wow! 😮  I received this book quite a while ago but it did take some weeks to arrive due to international shipping all the way from the US to the UK.  Thanks to the crisis that occurred when this was already sent it did take some time to come (maybe it was delayed because of lack of postal staff or a quarrantine or something…) but I am so glad to have received this book, and to share it here with you today, as it’s the second book in the Eventyr series which is a fantasy series I have loved reading so far and it’s set in a wonderful world of fairies!

Elders of Evventyr feature image
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Elders of Eventyr by Ellias Quinn – Seek out buried legends in Elders of Eventyr.
As malevolent forces grow and unrest spreads through Eventyr, the wingless fairy Matil has learned her true identity and the face of her enemy. Matil and her companions travel north through wild lands in search of a legendary human, hoping that he can tell them of the fabled beings known as Elders. But the quest for storybook heroes brings deadly peril and engulfs Matil in the myths and secrets behind the Elders’ disappearance long ago. Can the ancient protectors of the forest save Eventyr? Or are they just fairy tales?


As an extra special treat my copy of the book has been signed by the author, as you can see below.  I love it and always feel excited and privileged to have signed copy of a book.  So a special extra thank you to the author for this! 🙂

Elders of Evventyr author signature
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I have recently shared my review of the first book in this series.  I can’t wait to read this second copy and  share my review of it too!  As soon as I can I will leave a review of this next book, I can’t wait to start reading… 😀 😀 😀

Have you read this book or the first in the series?  What books have you received or bought recently and you are looking forward to reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂