Item: TY Beanie Boos Pablo
Item type: Cuddly toy
Brand/Manufacturer: Ty
Toy Range: Beanie Boos
Toy reviewed: Pablo (chihuahua)
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Review: Somebody recently gave me Pablo as a gift and he is one of the cutest and softest TY toys I have ever been given! Pablo is one of the Beanie Boos range of baby animals with those extra huge eyes that make them look so cute. Pablo, if you haven’t guessed, is a dog, a chihuahua to be precise which explains those big ears and cute small body.

TY Beanie Boos Pablo feature image
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The size of Pablo I have is the smaller, what is known as the 15 cm sized toy, and he fits well on my hand although of course he’s a bit bigger than my palm! Pablo is a very well made toy with no stray stitching and very well stuffed. There are beans in the whole of his rear end and body, right up to near the head which help keep him standing upright and although you can move his paws around a little, he does generaly stay in that stiff sitting position. You can wiggle his short tail if you want to but it also returns back to the central position when you finish.

TY Beanie Boos Pablo image two
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The fluff that covers most of the body is very soft, softer than a lot of cuddly toys and it’s part of why he feels so cuddly. The only matterial that is different on Pablo’s body is the inner ears. It’s an equally soft material, although flat rather than furry and has a glittery purple all over it although this glitter is somehow stiched into and is part of the soft fabric rather than seperate bits of glitter like in the TY Beanie Boo Orson.

TY Beanie Boos Pablo image one
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I just love the eyes on all TY toys, they have a clever design that means that the black pupils will look at you regardless of what angle you are standing at when looking at Pablo’s face. And his eyes are filled with the same gorgeous purple glitterly colour that his ears have inside. The only hard parts of Pablo are his plastic eyes and little plastic nose, the rest of him is very soft.

Like all TY Beanie Boos he, of course, comes with his very own heart shaped tag which has a little rhyme inside along with his birthday: June 21st.

TY Beanie Boos Pablo image three
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I just love the way Pablo looks. I love his mexican name and the beautiful colour and pattern of his fur and that gorgeous purple colour of his ears and eyes. He’s such a cute toy for any child, or adult, and is one of the happiest and cutest TY toys I’ve ever seen. He’s joining my ever growing collection of these toys!

Do you or your children collect any Ty toys?  What do you think about cuddly toys in general?  Do you like chihuahuas?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂