Title: Elders of Eventyr (The Eventyr Series #2)
Author: Ellias Quinn
Cover & Map illustrato: Ellias Quinn
Publisher: Second March
Genre: Fantasy
Book format: Paperback
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Description: Seek out buried legends in Elders of Eventyr.
As malevolent forces grow and unrest spreads through Eventyr, the wingless fairy Matil has learned her true identity and the face of her enemy. Matil and her companions travel north through wild lands in search of a legendary human, hoping that he can tell them of the fabled beings known as Elders. But the quest for storybook heroes brings deadly peril and engulfs Matil in the myths and secrets behind the Elders’ disappearance long ago. Can the ancient protectors of the forest save Eventyr? Or are they just fairy tales?

*Free copy provided by pubisher for review…

Review:  Oh, I just loved this long awaited second part of this brilliant fantasy series! ‘Elders of Eventyr’ is the second book in the Eventyr series, set in a world of fairies, and follows on from the previous book ‘Eventyr’. Having discovered who she really is and her strange connection with a particular character, Matil and her friends Dask and Khelya are venturing north in an attempt to contact the mysterious Mr Korsen. But before they manage to reach him the trio are captured by a warring tribe of Eletsol, who may hold more information about the Elders than they first realise.

Elders of Eventyr book page map image
©The Strawberry Post – Image of map of Eventyr

This book picks up shortly after the previous one with Matil, Khelya and Dask heading north to seek out the strange man who lives on the border of Eventyr. There is something about this series that I just love so much, the whole minature and interesting world of Eventyr, and it wasn’t long before I was drawn back into this tale and excited to see what would happen. Like with the first book I felt captivated by the descriptions of the world, the animals, the way that the Eletsol live among the folliage and how small everything is. I just loved the mentions of the beetles Olnar and Dewdrop thoughout the story too, especially how cute Dewdrop seemed to be, something I thought I’d never say about a beetle!

Unlike in the the previous book which focused on Matil discovering who she was, the story in this book focuses more on the larger problems going on in Eventyr and the history and legends of the place.  There’s a real feel of a big adventure to the story although to be honest it did feel a bit slow to start with, especially when it came to parts of the Eletsol story Eletsol. Although the story is well written, detailing a beautiful world of plants and how the Eletsol alva live among and can manipulate the plant life around them, the story just didn’t seem to flow so well, during some of these earlier parts though I I did enjoy Ansi’s character and what happens with him.

Despite this, the rest of the book is very good and I just love how much we find out about the world of Eventyr and these Elders.  There are some new characters in this book including Ansi and Simmad, who I especially liked, but it’s finding out more about the original characters that I enjoyed the most especially learning more about Crell and his relationship to Matil, some more of Matil’s past, and finding out a little more about Dask’s past too.  I actually like the way that Dask’s character is growing through this series and I hope that there will be more to both him and Khelya’s story in the next book.

There is nothing offensive in this story and although the majority of the tale isn’t too dark, there is some killing that happens which I wouldn’t recommend for younger sensitive readers. However this isn’t too graphic. The book has a lovely map at the beginning which I found myself referring to a lot. The front cover also has an illustration which just draws me to this book and there’s something I didn’t realise in the first book until I went back recently and took a look. The cover illustration is explained as being an object from Eventyr depicting an important scene which you can read at the start of the book in the copyright notice. I didn’t realise this but the cover of the first book has a similar explantion and there’s something about this that I just love, it makes the book feel even more special, particularly as it was the cover of Eventyr that first led me to wating to read this series!

I don’t know why I love this series so much but there’s just something about this tale that draws me in and I feel like I just want to live in the world of Eventyr! The book has a good ending with something exciting and unexpected happening at the end, however this leads to a wider story that just makes me desperate to read the next book in the series. 😀  I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in a good fantasy story set in this small and interesting world of fairies however I’d stress that you really do need to read the first book in order to properly understand who all the characters are and what is going on.

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