Title: Where’s Wally? Destination: Everywhere!
Author: Martin Handford
Illustrator: Martin Handford
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s Activity book
Book format: Hardback
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Description: Celebrate the first 30 years of Where’s Wally? with this exclusive anniversary album from Wally to his fans.
Join Wally as he handpicks his top ten journeys of all time, with lots of terrific twists! Fantastic scenes are revisited in Wally’s very own scrapbook bursting with art, new things to search for and additional eye-boggling games to play. An amazing gift for the ultimate fan of the bespectacled red-and-white striped traveller in his 30th anniversary year!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a brilliant book for any fan of Where’s Wally as well as those who have never tried to search for Wally and his friends. ‘Where’s Wally? Destination: Everywhere!’ is a special book released for the 30th anniversary of Where’s Wally. It’s a hard back book which is quite big and square in shape, although in between A4 and A3 in size. All the red parts of the hardcover are material rather than paper and that automatically gives this book an extra special feel. Inside are thick glossy pages filled with very colourful images.

Where's Wally Destination Everywhere book page image one
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In this book we go back to some classic scenes from the Where’s Wally books but a lot of things have been changed giving this book a new feel. There are regular things to find in all the scenes such as Wally and his friends plus all their usual things such as Odlaw’s binoculars, Woof’s bone, etc. but there are new things to find and spot too. Although a lot of the scenes look the same as in the classic books, you’ll start to notice some interesting differences. Some are obvious such as the colours of some of the dinosaurs but there are some more subtle differences too.

This book feels a bit more like the Where’s Wally activity books in that there are additional things to do such as on the first page of searching there is a small scene in a box, taken from the large scene you have to search in. This small picture has some little changes to the large scene and you have to spot all these changes as well as searching for all the usual things in a Where’s Wally scene. Each of the 12 scenes in this book is different and has different extra tasks do as well as new things to spot in the original scene. It’s so much fun and takes me literally hours to spot things in just one scene so all these little extras just adds even more hours and fun to this book The back of the book has an index of extra things to spot in each scene.

The pictures are so amazing in this book and so detailed. If you’ve never seen a Where’s Wally book then you should really check it out as there’s so much detail in one double-page scene alone that you’ll spend hours just looking at all the fun things that are happening. What I love about Where’s Wally pictures is that even without purposefully searching for Wally and other things, I just love and am mesmerised by all the amazing details. In every section of each scene characters are doing all sorts of things, and every moment is funny.

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I’ve always loved Where’s Wally and I’ve always loved any pictures with lots of details in them. I’d certainly recommend this to anyone who loves to look at funny scenes and spot all the details. If you’re a Where’s Wally fan you’ll certainly enjoy this book as there are so many new twists to the old scenes, and it’s great to have a revamp to the original images!

-Review first appeared online December 2017 – now republished here.

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