This is an interesting and dark poem I wrote a few years back when I was struggling with depression and some commitments I’d made online which I couldn’t keep up.  Although the original reason for writing this poem is no longer relevant, something about the words resonates so much with me today as our world is moving into one where free speech seems to be increasingly censored by many of the biggest tech giants out there.

Where once anyone could voice any opinion, even an unpopular one, on any subject because they were free to do so as a person, a human being, we’re now moving into a world where debate over certain topics are no longer welcomed or allowed and unless you agree with what the mainstream media says, your voice will be silenced.  While the opinions of those censored might not be ones you agree with and you may not wish to hear them, I will always defend anyone’s right to say whatever they believe in, because if we can’t have free speech in our world, a chance to debate ideas and to hear new concepts, then we are living in a world that is no better than the oppressive one of the Nazis or any dictatorship that exists.

I hope you enjoy this poem but please be warned it is rather long (possibly the longest poem I’ve written so far) and it does get quite dark.

You Do Not Want The Truth

©The Strawberry Post

Would anyone notice,
If I left this here place?
Would anyone even see it,
The pain that’s on my face?

Didn’t want to hurt or harm,
I just wanted all the best.
But no matter what I said,
You saw me as a pest.

Said you wanted honest,
Said you wanted truth.
I gave it, you attacked me,
Or acted all aloof.

Countless times I’ve had to,
Explain my actions here.
Instead of feeling welcomed,
You left me feeling fear.

Instead of being helpful,
You didn’t understand.
Think you know better,
Bury your head in sand.

I’ve had a year of all this,
Trying to help you to see.
That you are not as you think,
Being the best you can be.

But every time I speak up,
I get little in support.
Instead you just berate me,
Think I’m the one to thwart.

You cannot see the damage,
That you yourself do make.
That you are the one to cause,
All the sabotage and break.

You hide in your own bubble,
Surround yourself with friends.
Who tell you, you are perfect,
Never shining that close lens.

They will not tell you truth,
To avoid it on themselves.
Perhaps just as ignorant,
Of what’s on their bookshelves.

I tried so hard to tell you,
But now it’s painfully clear.
That you will never want it,
Never want to even hear.

So ousted once again,
Am I from this whole group.
Accepted when I’m useful,
But not really in the loop.

Always an outsider,
Unless I do the same.
My brain and clever thinking,
You treat as if inane.

So comes back the question,
Of what I here should do.
Continue as I have been,
Or start afresh, anew?

There’s one thing for certain,
I’m no longer welcome here.
To post my own opinion,
Would result in my own tears.

To share what I know,
Is wrong in your own eyes.
The advice that I give you,
You truly do despise.

So now I’m left alone,
And I know you do not care.
How many would notice,
If I was not here?

How long would it take,
For all to have forgot?
Would it even take a day,
Or am I already rot?

The answer is you’ll notice,
Until I’m of no more use.
Beyond, it doesn’t matter,
If I live or use the noose.

-Poem first appeared online January 2017 – now republished here.

What do you think of this poem?  What are your opinions on the censorship that’s happening more and more these days?  Did you know that there is censorship happening today in our modern society?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂