Last week I received some amazing books from the lovely people at publisher Barrington Stoke.  All of these books are for children and are specially designed with dyslexic and reluctant readers in mind, although anyone can of course read them. 🙂  I can’t wait to read these and share my thoughts, and I’m especially excited as I might just have the opportunity to interview one of the authors of these books! 😀

In the meantime let’s take a look at these:

October book haul barrington stoke books image
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Daisy and the Unknown Warrior by Tony Bradman & Tania RexNovember 1920. An unknown soldier, killed during the First World War, is to be buried at Westminster Abbey. The war has claimed the lives of thousands of men whose bodies will never make it home, and the Unknown Warrior will represent them all. As hundreds of people crowd to the Abbey, Daisy knows she has to make it to the ceremony. Because although they call the warrior unknown, she is sure that he is her father …

Queen of King Street by Tom McLaughlinWhen the Queen’s brother, Unlucky Bertie, gambles away the entire family fortune, it’s goodbye to Buckingham Palace and hello to a little house on King Street for the royals. How will they ever survive? Follow their hilarious mishaps as the Queen forges a new career in reality TV, her sister-in-law becomes a social-media star and son Harry tries to survive the local comp. Who knew that life in the ordinary world could be so hard?

World Burn Down by Steve Cole & Oriol VidalCarlos’s mother is a soldier, helping to protect the Amazon from the farmers, loggers and miners who are illegally destroying the precious rainforest. It’s a dangerous job – and when she makes powerful enemies, Carlos is kidnapped to teach her a lesson. Taken deep into the Amazon, Carlos manages to escape his captors only to find himself trapped by fast-moving forest fires. Can he outrun the flames as the world burns down around him …?

The Griffin Gate by Vashti Hardy & Natalie Smillierace’s family are wardens of the Griffin Map, using its teleport technology to fight crime across Moreland. Although Grace is still too young, she longs to go on missions herself. After all, if her brother, Bren, can do it, why can’t she? So when Grace finds herself alone with the map when a distress call comes in, she jumps at the chance to prove she’s up to the task. But the map transports Grace to a remote village where nothing is quite as it seems … Has she taken on more than she can handle?

I can’t wait to read these, I’m super excited about this selection of books!  As usual I will post reviews for these books as soon as I can. 🙂  In the meantime why not have a guess at which author I might just be interviewing. 😀

What do you think of these books?  Which books are you interested in reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂