Today I’m pleased to welcome writer and professional content creator Ryan Stinson onto the blog.  Mental health and wellbeing is something that I talk a lot about on this blog and it’s so important to keep ourselves healthy, not only physically but mentally too.  With that in mind Ryan has some brilliant tips on how we can all improve our lives by looking after our mental wellbeing. 🙂

Top Tips and Advice for Looking After Your Mental Wellbeing

How we live our lives mostly depends on our relations with those around us. However, sometimes it is for our good to mind our wellbeing and mental health.

Just going through a day in this century can be stressful since we experience many challenges. Such experiences we go through daily can really have a huge bearing on how we associate with people- either positively or negatively. In this article, we will discuss how we can improve our wellbeing and mental health.

Importance of Mental Care

Your mentality affects the way that you think and act on certain situations. It is of great significance to always be positively motivated daily to elevate your lifestyle. Therefore, it is only paramount that you become responsible concerning how you live your life to reduce the psychologically induced diseases like depression, schizophrenia, dementia and even eating disorders.

Furthermore, you must know the significance of psychological positivity. It can sometimes be challenging for you to recognise that you are affected. However, these are some of the activities that can help you perform a self-diagnosis:

  •  Unusual sleeping and eating behaviour
  •  Increase in mood swings
  •  More alcohol and drug use
  •  Suicidal thoughts or inflicting pain on yourself.
  •  Being forgetful on your daily routine or schedules.

Psychological Advice To Keep in Mind

1. Connecting with family and friends

Quality time with friends and family always helps develop our emotions and keep our moods in check. Having groups in social media or attending clubs like sports, books, traveling or Bible study can go a long way in achieving great psychological wellbeing and health.

2. Better sleeping habits

Studies show that the mind needs to relax. The best way to relax the mind is to take your sleep schedules seriously. The recommended sleeping time is eight hours, after which you will feel refreshed and ready to take on even the longest days at work. This can be done by avoiding the amount of time spent on the screen, relaxing before bedtime and having a conducive sleeping environment.

3. Meditation

Taking a break from everything and finding a relaxation site is crucial. It may be just for a few minutes or hours but it can change the anxiety levels you may piling up during your day. It helps in keeping tabs on our thoughts.

4. Being creative and learning about yourself

This is mainly based on finding your hobbies and other things that make you happy. By engaging in this, difficult thoughts and complicated feelings fade away. Observing nature, visiting museums and watching movies are some of the hobbies you can try out.

5. Treating yourself nicely

Regularly hydrating yourself and finding foods you like is always helpful when dealing with stress or anxiety. However, it would be best to do it in moderation. Furthermore, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and abusing drugs since this may raise your anxiety levels. You may even end up forgetting stuff. Furthermore, always remember to take a shower to wash off all the fatigue and anxiety. It might help you feel about achieving small goals and feeling good about yourself.

6. Regular exercising

Taking daily short walks and hikes, playing football and going for bicycle rides are great ways to reduce the mind’s stress level. Therefore, staying active is a great way of relaxing your mind while aiding your physical and psychological development.

7. Living in the present

Being in contact with the current emotions you feel will help obtain the right attitude to tackle your daily issues. Taking responsibility in what you do daily helps make the mind become hyper-focused on the future or the past.

Wrap up

It is important to live responsibly because it will greatly impact your wellbeing and mental health. Also, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety-related diseases that may reduce your lifespan. Therefore, always take care of your mind to avert cases of depression and suicidal thoughts. You will become happier and more productive.

About the Author

Ryan Stinson: Ryan is a professional content creator for Technical Writers, with an A* A Level qualification in English Literature. After taking some time out to travel, he acquired a career as an expert copywriter specialising in health and fitness. As a personal trainer, he developed a passion for the overall wellbeing of our minds and bodies.

Thank you so much Ryan for these brilliant tips.  I especially like the tips on treating yourself nicely and living in the present, it’s something I need to work on myself.  I’ll be reminding myself of some of these tips by visiting this post in future, and I hope some of you found this post interesting and useful too. 🙂

What do you think about this advice on looking after your mental health and wellbeing?  Are you going to try any of the tips suggested?  Do you have any tips of your own?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂