Today I thought I’d have some fun with a tag I saw over on ForBooksSake.  This tag was originally created by Leafing Through Time (sorry the link doesn’t work when I tried attaching it 😦 ).  Anyway this is obviously a spooky Halloweeen inspired tag and is for once, not a solely book tag. 🙂  I love Halloween and spooky stuff, it’s a fun holiday as long as everyone has fun, and so I thought it would be fun to try out this tag.

If you’d like to also do this tag just go right ahead and let me know about it by creating a link to this post in your own and if you’re not on WordPress leave a comment with your post link, or just let me know what your answers to these fun questions would be. 😀

1. Friday the Thirteenth: What is a superstition you believe in?

This is tough as I’ve gone through different superstitions in the past that I now no longer believe in.  My views on superstitions have really changed and I’m not sure I have any these days although I did for a time get paranoid about knocking on wood when I said something I didn’t want to happen or having to say “Bless You” even to myself when I sneezed! lol

2. IT: What scares you the most?

Spiders scare the heck out of me, suddenly appearing, all those legs just moving around and descending onto you with their webs, ugh!  Not too long ago I ended up in a place where there were lots of spider babies all over the place with mini webs (just hatched) and I freaked out when several got into my hair!  I’m not sure it’s the thing that scares me the most, but it’s one of the fears I just can’t seem to shake!

3. Scary Movie: What’s a book or movie that made you laugh?

There are lots but one that always made me laugh since I was at school and continues to do so is Liar Liar with Jim Carrey.  At some point I was watching it almost every day and I still think I can recall almost the entire script by heart, lol.

4. Frankenstein: What is your favourite monster? (litarary, mythylogical, etc.)

What is classed as a monster?  Something that’s just bad, something scary or grotesque?  It’s hard to choose one because I like so many.  I like some greek ones like Cerberus, I like dragons, kelpies (are they considered monsters?).  I basically like anything which feels a little creepy and weird…so basically ALL monsters! LOL 😂

5. Paranormal Activity: You’ve turned into a ghost!  What ghostly thing are you going to do?

I’d love to float through walls and just freak people out at the sight of me floating and appearing out of thin air! 🙂

6. Scream: What is the scariest book or movie that you’ve ever read or seen?

I’ve seen and read a few but the first film I saw that really scarad the heck out of me was Ring.  Not the Americal remake but the original Japanese movie.  I wasn’t really paying much attention to the film first time I saw it but then was watching this scene where suddenly something’s coming through the TV and both me and my mum jumped.  It scared us so much we were laughing later to try and calm our nerves. 😮

7. Zombieland: The zombie apocalypse has begun!  What will be your weapon and hideout of choice?

How about some pea shooter plants and some wall-nuts.  Oh this isn’t Plants vs Zombies? lol  In which case some kind of gun I can operate and which doesn’t require a lot of time to switch to new rounds, I don’t want to give the zombies a chance of getting near me, and I’d probably pick a hideout I knew like the back of my hand, a bit like home but somewhere more secure, somewhere without too many entrances or windows.  Hmmm, not sure where except for a cave!

8. Dark Shadows: What is your favourite book or movie featuring vampires?

Okay, it’s not a film (I mean there was a film but the film version is terrible) but I’m honestly going to say Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel which was the spin-off series of Buffy.  I know it’s a tv show but I watched it growing up in the 90s and everything about it and the way vampires look and operate is still my base of comparison with all other stories. 🙂

9. Hocus Pocus: You are now a witch.  What will be your first wicked act?

But I don’t want to be wicked. 😦  Oh, well, I guess if I was going to do something bad then I’d get all the politicians of the world, the ones who are completely out of touch with normal people (especially our current leaders in the UK) and do a sort of Prince and the Pauper type swap except I’d stick them in the medieval times and make them gong farmers, which were basically people who cleaned out cesspits and picked up human poo! 😮 😮 😮 (I’m so bad😳🤭!)

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas: You get to plan Halloween this year! What will you do to make it an unforgettable day?

I’ve never really celebrated Halloween except with family so I’d love to have a party with everyone invited to dress up, but as something Halloweeny like witches, vampires, etc.  I’d also love to have some food that basically looks disgusting like fingers, brains, etc but it’s all edible and delicious.  And then I’d just love to have some kind of scary party games followed by a fun movie and more games. 🙂

This was so fun, I hope you enjoyed my answers to these questions. 🙂  I tag everyone who wants to do this, go on, let me know what your answers would be. 😀

Do you like my answers?  What would your answers to these questions be?  Do you like spooky things/Halloween?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂