Title:  Where’s Wally? Spooky Spotlight Search
Author: Martin Handford
Illustrator: Martin Handford
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s activity, Puzzle, Non-ficiton
Book format: Hardback
Sweet Strawberries: Sweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet Strawberry

Description:  BOO!
Find me and my friends on a spooky adventure.  Luckily, there’s a spotlight-searcher to guide the way throught the dark!  Just slide it into the side of each page to begin the search
Be brave Wally-watchers.  It’s terror-i-fic!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a really fun activity book and perfect for Where’s Wally fans who want a spooky Haloweeny twist on the usual searches. Where’s Wally Spooky Spotlight Search is a little bigger than A4 in size and is a hardback book with very thick and very colourful glossy pages. The book is a little different to the normal Where’s Wally books but is packed with so much to find and a fun nighttime twist for searching for Wally and his friends.

Where's Wally Spooky Spotlight Search book page image one
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Inside there are only six double pages dedicated to searches, not counting the first/introduction page, but there is a fun twist on the usual way to look for things with the right hand side of each page having a plastic/acetate cover on top of it creating a pocket where you can place the a card sort of torch called the spotlight searcher through the gap between the paper and acetate to help you search for things. The right hand page is deliberately made dark, and although it contains a Wally scene printed on it, it’s not really posible to see it without something bright underneath the acetate which is why you place the searcher, which has a white star on the end of it (the bulb of the torch/searcher), through this pocket to view the page.

Where's Wally Spooky Spotlight Search book page image two
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There is a previous spotlight search book of Where’s Wally but this one is even more fun as the searcher, which is attached and removable at the front of the book, is not only white but also glow in the dark this time. If you leave it in the light for a little while and then turn out the lights you can actually see the Where’s Wally searches pages in the dark! They take on a more green tinge (like anything glow-in-the-dark) but it’s still fun and I can imagine kids having fun in the dark, maybe under the covers, searching for things on each page.

Where's Wally Spooky Spotlight Search book page image three
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There are six double pages with each left hand page giving you a list of things to look for as well as an additional activity on that page like a maze or other things to spot. The left hand page has a lot of fun illustrations and the right hand page continues on the theme of the page with the darkened images. All the double pages have a spooky themes such as a ghostly galleon, or another featuring vampires, night time dragons, etc. All the illustrations are so fun, I have always loved Where’s Wally for how detailed all the images are. Even if you’re not looking for Wally and his friends it’s just fun to look at all the strange things happening on each page. There’s just so much endless fun to be had with one of these books and the dark spooky twist in this book is a great extra.

Where's Wally Spooky Spotlight Search book page image four
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This is such a fun book, despite the fact it’s only six double pages there are still so many things to spot and see on each page. The activities and images will keep you entertained for a long time, and trying to use the spotlight searcher in the dark adds an interesting twist that I can see lots of kids enjoying this (I remember being obsessed with glow-in-the-dark things when I was younger). The first introduction page also has some fun things to search for, the only downside I see to this book is the fact that there just aren’t more of these fun pages.

Where's Wally Spooky Spotlight Search book page image five
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What do you think of this book?  Do you like Where’s Wally? books?  How about glow in the dark stuff?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂