I thought I’d do a fun bok tag with a fireworks theme this week considering that today (5th November) is Bonfire Night here in the UK. 🙂  In case you want to read more about the 5th November and what’s so special about it, I’ll link to a post I wrote last year all about this special day.  This book tag comes from Rawrdy Rawr Book Dino and is all about different fireworks!  I love fireworks, I always have ever since I saw my neighbour’s display outside of a window when I was 5. 😀  Since then I’ve seen lots of displays, there’s something so magical about them isn’t there? 🙂

If you’d like to do this tag, please go ahead, link back to this post and let me know you’ve posted it in the comments below or just tell me what your answers to these questions would be. 🙂

Screamers: A book that made you want to scream! (In a good or bad way)

In a bad way Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall.  I know a lot of people like this Blair Witch style story where a bunch of teenagers go down a mysterious road that only opens up during one day of the year in the woods, but for me this book was such a disappointment once I had reached the end.  The story starts out interesting and leads into some eerie and creepy descriptions of some dark supernatural things happening, but in the end there is no satisfying ending and I almost felt like screaming afterwards as I just don’t like stories that end with no decent end. :/

Bombers: A book that you read before it “exploded” in the book community

I think I’ll put The Beast and the Bethany here.  It’s the book I was so lucky to be a part of the blog tour for back in August, even though the book was only released now in October.  It’s one of the funniest and most brilliant books I’ve read.  Ebenezer Tweezer’s a 511 year old man who has a Beast he feeds regularly in exchange for a youth potion, but one day the Beast wants something different for a meal, a human child, and Bethany is the child who is supposed to be eaten.  But she’s a tough girl and isn’t going to do what she’s told!  It’s such a brilliant book, everyone seems to love it once they’ve read it and it’s bound to be a huge seller!

Banger: A banned book you read

I’m not sure I’ve read many banned books, if any, although I have looked up which books were banned and…Does 1984 count?  It was banned by some countries and it’s an amazing read!  George Orwell’s book is so much more relevant today.  It’s about a bleak future dystopian world where the goverment controls everything, can see people in their homes, controls the news narrative, even changing past history to suit its current agenda…it sounds all too eeriely similar to today’s world of fake news, government controlling which people can be interviewed on the news (it’s true, only certain people and opinions are allowed these days :/ ) and I think everyone should read it for just how relevant it is.  It’s also where the term ‘Big Brother’ came from! 😮

Peony: A book/author you think everyone needs to read

I keep putting Max by Sarah Cohen-Scali whenever I’m asked this, so for once I’ll try recommending something else.  One series that I highly recommend if you don’t mind a bit of a dystopian sci-fi is the Arc of a Sythe trilogy by Neal Shusterman.  The series, beginning with Scythe is set in a future world of ours where nobody dies anymore.  Instead, to keep the population under control, specially appointed scythes carry out the duty of deciding who lives and dies, gleaning those who they belive should die.  Two teenagers, Citra and Rowan, are picked to become trainee scythes, but there is a problem, only one of them will be able to live through their training, while the one who doesn’t must be gleaned or killed by the other.  It’s an interesting series that gets more complex as the story moves on and I do like what happens.  It gets very dark and shows what our society could potentially end up with, going the way it is.  It’s probably why I like it so much, I love a good dystopian story any day!

Crossette: A book/series with a complicated plot

I don’t think I’ve read any book with a complicated plot that I couldn’t follow.  There are however stories with a lot happening in them.  One series that has a lot of things happening, although completely easy to follow, is the Silent Sea Chronicles by Suzanne Rogerson.  It’s an amazing fantasy trilogy following the lives of different people living among the islands in the Silent Sea and some dark things that happen to them.  Beginning with The Lost Sentinel the story follows, among others, Tei as she is taken to the mountains to hide away with the exiles, those with magical abilities who the rest of the island fear and hate.  The plot has so much happening, and the first book in particular has something so dark and surprising that it will truly make you gasp and probably cry too!  It’s a brilliantly complex plot and I felt like I went on a long and amazing journey with these characters after reading it!

Diadem: A book/series with a set of amazing central characters

The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliott is the first in the Shadow Skye series and has an amazing couple of characters in the lead roles.  The story, set in a fictional historical Scotland, begins with Agatha who is a Hawk, someone who patrols the sea walls of her clan watching out for danger.  Many people don’t believe she belongs there and when she makes a terrible mistake, she’s removed from her position.  But Agatha is a determined girl and wants to prove to her clan that she is important and can do the job she was given.  Meanwhile Jamie is an angler, although he gets seasick and doesn’t enjoy it at all.  Both of them end up working together to save their clan, the two personalities working well and I love how both characters develop throughout the story.  Jamie’s characters is good but with Agatha having Down’s Syndrome, and her chapters worded (in the first person perspective) to reflect this, it makes for an amazing and unique story and one which I really enjoyed.  It’s the first time I’ve ever read of a lead character having Down’s Syndrome and the best part of this book is that it doesn’t impede on Agatha’s ability at all, in fact she shows herself to be a very capable character and one to be proud of.

Matches: Light your own fireworks by tagging 5 people!

Well, look, I’m just going to tag everyone who wants to do this! 😀

Well, after doing this tag I can say I had no idea about the names of many of these fireworks, but this was fun 🙂 (where’s the cathrine wheel?!🤔 – does it belong in one of those groups? – so confused!🤷‍♀️🤯)

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