Title: Silent Sea Chronicles Box Set
Author: Suzanne Rogerson
Publisher: Suzanne Rogerson
Genre: Fantasy
Book format: Digital (individual books reviewed seperately)
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Description:  Tei has magic in a world where people like her are persecuted and forced into exile. Whilst fleeing their home, her father is attacked and his deathbed confession reveals a dangerous secret that will change her life forever.
Tei’s homeland, the magical island of Kalaya, is dying and without a Sentinel to restore the magic, it’s only a matter of time before all life is wiped out.
She must join the exiles in the search for the lost Sentinel, but they are not the only ones after the missing guardian. Sinister Masked Riders are on their trail and time is running out.
Tei must risk everything she loves to save Kalaya, but is she ready to make that sacrifice?
1396 pages of magic, adventure and intrigue.

This epic fantasy box set contains:
The Lost Sentinel – Book 1
The Sentinel’s Reign – Book 2
The Sentinel’s Alliance – Book 3

*Free copy of the individual books provided by author for review…

Review:  This is an amazing and epic fantasy trilogy, which will take you on an exciting, gripping and emotional journey! The Silent Sea Chronicles follows the lives of the people living on the different islands of the Silent Sea, particularly two islands, and clashing of those who are magical and those without magic. Each book has its own epic adventure and a good conclusion and will leave you both satisfied but eager to read more in this wonderfully written series.

The first book ‘The Lost Sentinel’ begins with the story of Tei who is forced to flee with her father into the mountains where she will be safe. Soon she finds herself living with the exiles, those who have magical ability but are shunned and distrusted by the non-magical people on the island. Tei is determined to help find the lost sentinel, who is needed to restore the dying magic to the island, but she and the exiles are not the only ones looking for the sentinel and soon dark forces are at work. This first story really sets the tone and I’m still amazed at just how brilliant it is. The story switches between different characters, with some of the action happening on a different island, but it all gets very exciting and there are some truly exciting and shocking moments that will leave you stunned and maybe a little emotional too. It’s a brilliant story though and it will stick in your mind long after you’ve read it, it’s so good!

The second book ‘The Sentinel’s Reign’ follows on from the first book with a lot of exciting things happening. There is more development of the story around Kalaya. The relationships between characters get stronger and I liked how things go with Tei and Callisa in particular. Farrell’s story gets more interesting too, especially towards the ending and there is a wonderful epic ending. The main villain of this story is just so exciting to read too and I think I loved this book the most out of the trilogy. The conclusion of this book is so exciting that I just didn’t want it to end and the whole story felt like a movie playing out in my head!

The third book ‘The Sentinel’s Alliance’ takes a bit more time to get into the exciting parts with a lot of the story now taking place on Stone Haven instead. There is far more revealed about Farrell’s story and his people and an exciting new villain who is interesting to read about. As with all the books the view point switches between characters frequently, it doesn’t confuse but makes this feel like a epic movie as you see different things happening in different parts of the Silent Sea. Some of the more minor characters are now major ones and this final book concludes in a brilliant way, leaving you feeling satisfied for reading it and the entire series. I didn’t want the trilogy to end and I can only hope that there will be more stories set in the world of the Silen Sea as there is still so much to explore about the different islands and it’s past.

This entire box set is so worth getting considering just how amazing and epic this series feels. Although there are a lot of characters and a lot happening in each book, you don’t feel confused by anything, and the way the relationships develop between characters is exciting and thrilling to read too. It’s a brilliant fantasy series and one I’d recommend to everyone!

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