Title: Winter Wonderland: Doodling and Colouring
Illustrators: Various
Publisher: Buster Books
Genre: Children’s colouring
Book format: Paperback
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Review:  I’ve been using and enjoying Buster activity books for a few years now, ever since I got the coloruing bug, and I have loved using this one after finishing another Christmassy one called ‘Christmas World of Stickers’. I spotted this one locally a while ago now but have been recently enjoying using it as Christmas has been on my mind. 🙂  This one doesn’t contain any stickers but has so many doodling and colouring activities to do!

Winter Wonderland Doodling and Colouring book page image one
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The book is A4 in size and has thick crisp white pages inside. There are so many pages will give you many hours of activity so well worth the price.  The page are printed on both sides so I’d say be cautious with pens (I’ve only ever used pencils). Each page or double page spread has one of three basic activities. There is simple colouring in, doodling/drawing and black line detail. The activities all vary from colouring and adding patterns to candy canes, to drawing houses as Santa flies above in the night sky and black line detail. Each page has some doodling to do but you don’t have to be an expert at drawing to enjoy it. Some of the drawing is basic such as the candy cane patterns mentioned and drawing clothes on to snowmen, but others can be more detailed and leave almost half a page blank to continue a pattern or put things on a page.

Winter Wonderland Doodling and Colouring book page image two
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I really love the black line detail, it’s my favourite activity in all Buster Activity books. There are a few opportunities for black line detail but this is an example: You are given bauble shapes on a page and you draw with a black pen (or in my case a sharpened black pencil) creating patterns on the different baubles even drawing the outline of the ribbon and baubles themselves.

I really love the creativity of this book, I spotted a last copy locally, even though it’s a few years old now, and didn’t even realise it existed! Some of the images can be found in other buster books but the repetition is so little that unless you are crazy mad for buying up all buster activity books (like me) you won’t notice one or two pages repeating from other books. In fact I see it as another opportunity to colour and draw things differently!

Winter Wonderland Doodling and Colouring book page image three
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The best thing about this book is that it is suitable for adults too. Of course it’s perfect for kids, but as an adult I have really enjoyed drawing my own Christmas pictures and little details. I don’t see any problems with adults enjoying this book as much as kids. As long as you love colouring and doodling Christmassy things, you’ll love this book.

*Book images appear darker/yellower than they are due to poor lighting at the time of taking these.

Do you like to doodle, draw or colouring?  Are you looking forward to Christmas?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂