So, the 13th of November was my bithday and I received so many lovely gifts from friends and family.  I didn’t have a massive celebration but I did have some fun time away from the online world (I’ve always valued offline time) and had a wonderful day!  Along with some other gifts, I did get some books this year, and I wanted to show them off to you because it’s books, and why not? lol! 😀

I ordered myself something online (I figured you’re allowed to buy yourself a birthday gift! 😛 ) a colouring book, which still hasn’t arrived yet but will probably show you what it is when I do get it. 🙂  In the meantime though check these out! 😍

First let’s look at two reading books:

Birthday book haul reading books
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What Cats Want: An illustrated guide to truy understanding your cat by Dr Uuki Hattori – Dr Yuki Harrori is an internationally recognized specialist in cat behaviour, and in this book he explains absolutely everything you need to know about owning and caring for a cat.
Understanding, knowledge and respect will ensure your cat has a happy life, and will make you feel contented too.

Wisdom of the Ancients: Life lessons from our distant past by Neil Oliver – For all we have gained in the modern world, simple peace of mind is hard to find. In a time that is increasingly fraught with complexity and conflict, we are told that our wellbeing relies on remaining as present as possible. But what if the key to being present lies in the past?
In Wisdom of the Ancients, Neil Oliver takes us back in time, to grab hold of the ideas buried in forgotten cultures and early civilizations. From Laetoli footprints in Tanzania to Keralan rituals, stone circles and cave paintings, Oliver takes us on a global journey through antiquity. A master storyteller, drawing on immense knowledge of our ancient past, he distils this wisdom into twelve messages that have endured the test of time, and invites us to consider how these might apply to our lives today. The result is powerful and inspirational, moving and profound.

And now onto a colouring book (I LOVE colouring!):

Birthday book haul colouring book
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Beauty and the Beast: A Colouring Book – This enchanting book is full of wonderful pictures and patterns to be coloured in, as you immerse yourself in the story of Beauty, who goes to live with terrifying Beast to save her father, and gradually learns to love him.  All the key scenes and characters are here for you to colour, in this most romantic of fairy tales.


I hope you enjoyed a sneek peak at some of the lovely gifts I got for my birthday!  Let me know what books or other items you have received or are looking forward to receiving for you birthday or Christmas. 🙂

Do you like any of the books I’ve received?  Do you enjoy colouring or non-fiction books?  What about cats or ancient history?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂