This poem today is one that has a deep meaning and I hope it resonates with some of you. If it doesn’t then it might just seem like a bunch of words strung together, so nevermind if it does, lol.  I feel strongly about the topic of truth and being silenced.  In our world today you may not know this but many top well respected scientists and doctors are now being silenced by social media companies, their words deleted, their profiles shut down and all because they want to speak and debate about the possible different options we have to deal with the big crisis affecting our world today.   As well as that I feel a bit weird with the internet lately.  I’ve had some weird experiences, fact checkers aren’t as reliable as I first thought they were (I have a post coming up about my personal experience of some fact checks) and now I hear that people are even being removed from Speaker’s Corner in London, for merely wanting to say whatever they want to say (you used to be able to say anything there, it was part of the freedom of speech we used to have). 

The world feels so strange and different now and not just because of the pandemic, but with the way everyone is acting.  It feels strange and along with strange feelings I get weird poems in my head.  Maybe it’s the second lockdown we’ve had to endure in the UK but with no freedom to hear alternative opinions, it feels as if we are being led into just one direction of the truth.  A bit like The Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984.  It’s been a long time since I read it but I still remember how they were changing the news of the past to fit in with the story of the day.  Scary thought if we emerge to live in a world like that.  Anyway, weird rant over, here’s the poem, I do hope you like it. 🙂

Will You Stay Silent?

©The Strawberry Post

Why do you stay silent,
When others need your voice,
Ignoring all before you,
Ignorance but a choice?

Why do you not see it,
Choose to only view what’s said,
Surely you must feel it,
What’s right in heart not head?

Why do you not stand up,
Call out those who were wrong,
Instead you follow orders,
Choose to sing same song?

Why do you pretend,
That life will still be same,
When all is gone, destroyed,
Who will you then blame?

When will you recognise,
The truth of the now world,
Everything is changing,
New life order unfurled?

Will it become clear,
The many who have lied,
As many stood clapping,
While others lay and died?

When will you awaken,
Reality now clear,
We must take back our freedom,
Ignore the fibs and fear?

Too many have perished,
Too many have lied,
Too much has been hidden,
Too much we have cried.

It is not too late,
It is not the end,
We still have the chance,
To fix and to mend.

But time is now waning,
We must enter truth,
Before all we have been,
Disappears for the youth.

Will you stay silent,
Or will you speak out,
Be brave have courage,
Ignore fear and doubt?

We must make a choice,
Which of two worlds make,
A world with no fear, happiness,
Or other with death, heartbreak.

What do you think of this poem?  What do you think about the truth being silenced?  Do you think anything strange is happening in the world?  What are your views on freedom of speech?   Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂