Title: Siri the Viking: The Emperor’s Treasure
Author: Patric Nyström
Illustrator: Per Demervall
Publisher: Eken Press
Genre: Children’s graphic novel
Book format: Hardback
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Description: It is spring, and the Vikings are preparing to set sail for Miklagard. But Siri is told she has to stay behind! Her Dad, the chieftain, says that the journey is too dangerous for a little girl. But if he thinks that is going to stop her, he’s wrong. She stows away on his ship. Aboard the same ship is a mysterious box meant to be delivered to the Emperor himself. But the villainous duo Ivar and Grim are eager to get their hands on the box, and Siri has to use all her courage and cleverness to protect it. Luckily, she is helped by Zack, a mysterious boy she meets in Miklagard. But who is he really?

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Review:  This is such an amazing, funny and fun graphic/comic novel for kids. ‘Siri the Viking: The Emperor’s Treasure’ is the first in a series of stories following Siri the eleven year old viking and the adventures she and her friends get up to. The book comes as a hardback, a little taller than an A5 sheet of paper and is filled with glossy pages with so many amazing illustrations and some text. Siri wants to go travelling with her dad, the chieftan, on his trading trip to Miklagard, but he says no, it’s too dangerous for a little girl. But Siri is determined and when an opportunity arises she finds a way to sneek on board his boat. However travelling to Miklagard isn’t as easy as it seems, and the boat becomes a target for some villains.

Siri the Viking The Emperor's Treasure book page image one
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This is such a fun and funny story and I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed it! Siri is such a great character and it is easy to like her right away, she’s smart, inventive and determined which make her adventure to Miklagard so much fun to read. As the ship sails towards the city, Siri and the others on board of her dad, Torkel’s, ship encounter some problems. An important box is on board of the ship, which Torkel has promised to deliver to the Emperor of Miklagard. But the box is the target of some theives, who will do anything to get it.

I really loved diving into this book right away. At the start there is a brief introduction to all of the main characters like Siri, her mum, her dad, her uncle, etc. and then the story begins, separated into small chapters. Each page is just like a comic book, with lots of illustrations and text mainly in the form of speech bubbles or brief descriptions of what’s happening. I’ve read some comic books/graphic novels in the past but I had forgotten how enjoyable it was until reading this book. Siri’s adventure is so funny in many parts. I love all the expressions on the character’s faces and how easily you can see what is going on in each picture. Following the story is very easy and there isn’t too much text to read, in fact you could understand this book by just looking at the pictures they are that good and entertaining!

Several times I found myself literally laughing out loud at moments like the two characters in barrels at the beginning or what happens to Grim and Ivar at the race! The story ends well with a great moment at the end that I just didn’t see coming, and I love how this book sets up the opportunity for more stories with Siri and her new friend as well as wrapping up what happens in Miklagard. At the back of the book there’s a bit of text with Siri talking about the real life vikings and some interesting facts about them alongside some fun illustrations. There isn’t too much writing, just enough to keep you interested and I found this information so interesting to learn! I had no idea that Miklagard was a real place and when I found out what modern day city it is I’m amazed as I had no idea that the vikings travelled so far south.

Siri the Viking The Emperor's Treasure book page image two
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The illustrations in this book are all so brilliant, so funny and I can’t help but find myself wanting to look at this book again and again, re-reading and seeing all the fun things that happen. There’s something so great about this book, a combination of the fun story and knowing that some parts of the story are actually real makes this book so fun and educational too. I ever learned about the Vikings when I was at school but I’m sure many children to and I would recommend this book to everyone, regardless of age. It will certainly entertain children and maybe even spark an interest in the Vikings too! It’s a really great book which I have loved reading and I can’t wait to read about more of Siri’s adventures. 🙂

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