Title: Where’s Wally? Paper Pandemonium: Search, Fold and Play on the Go!
Author: Martin Handford
Illustrator: Martin Handford
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s non-fiction, Activity, Puzzle, Craft
Book format: Paperback
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Description: This travel-sized book is packed full of searches, games, puzzles and amazing paper-folding activities!  With tear-out pages, easy to follow instructions and extra craft paper- no scissors or glue needed!  The fun never stops with Where’s Wally?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a fun and new twist to the classic Where’s Wally series and one which I particularly enjoyed! ‘Where’s Wally Paper Pandemonium’ is a small travel sized book that’s a bit smaller than A5 in size and has a great material elastic band to help keep it closed which is important as this book comes with a lot of extra bits that could fall out. Inside there are thick matt pages with lots of colourful pictures and text as well as thinner paper pages that are equally colourful, and which have perforations and can be used to create lots of fun paper things.

Where's Wally Paper Pandemonium book page image two
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The book on its own has a lot classic Where’s Wally things to search for on every page, but it also has a lot of fun activities like games to play with friends (a sort of mini board game), word puzzles and dot-to-dot, to name just a few. The activities to enjoy within the book are great, but it’s the paper craft items that are what this book is really about. There are lots of pages made of slightly thinner paper which are easy to remove from the book as they are perforatted and then can be folded up to create all sorts of fun things. There are paper planes, spacecraft (which are like planes but folded differently and more fun!), paper fortune tellers and even some Wally bookmarks! All of the items have Wally characters and images on them and lots of them have fun things to spot within those pictures too.

Where's Wally Paper Pandemonium book page image three
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On the back and front inside covers there are pockets which hold even more fun things to do with the extra sheets of paper. There is a lot here and includes one of my favourite things which is a Where’s Wally search cube. You create a cube shape from the pieces of paper and then can spot things on a 3D cube! It’s certainly a fun twist on the usual Where’s Wally searches on a book page and I enjoyed putting together all the fun things.

Where's Wally Paper Pandemonium book page image four
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The images are all so fun to look at, so colourful and as with all Where’s Wally things there’s so much to see that you can be looking at a page or piece of paper for a long time, enjoying all the funny things that are happening with all the characters in the pictures. There’s are lots of things to spot including Wally and his friends and a range of other things listed making this book one that you can spend a large amounnt of time just staring at each page!

Where's Wally Paper Pandemonium book page image five
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I have always loved Where’s Wally books ever since I was a child myself but this new paper twist is a favourite of mine because I have always loved doing paper craft too (even as a kid). It’s a fun book on its own with lots of activities for children to do, but with the added paper craft things, it will give anyone enjoying this book simply hours of fun!

Where's Wally Paper Pandemonium book page image one
©The Strawberry Post – Inside the front cover a pocket full of papers!
Where's Wally Paper Pandemonium extra papers
©The Strawberry Post – So many extra papers to enjoy having fun with!

Do you enjoy Where’s Wally? books?  What about paper craft?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂