This is an interesting book tag I found on Zigler News!  Now as some of you may know I actually haven’t read the Harry Potter books although I have seen the movies.  But this tag has a fun twist in that you can’t actually put down a Harry Potter book as an answer so that means it’s easy for me to take part in this tag! 😀  If you’d like to do this tag please go ahead, tagging me and letting me know in the comments where you’ve posted your answers, or just give me your answers below. 😉  I hope you enjoy this book tag, it’s definitely a fun one! 🙂

It’s your first Christmas at Hogwarts. What’s one book you’ve asked for this year?

I actually haven’t asked for a specific book this year.  I have a wishlist of things I’d like but I leave it up to people to get me something from the wishlist or something else.  I got several books for my birthday and I loved the surprise of not knowing what they were going to be.  I’m big on surprises, I have always loved the surprise of getting something unexpected, ever since I was a child, and now makes no difference, so I won’t be asking for any specific book this year, just showing people my rather long wishlist, lol. 😂

You spot Hagrid hauling the Christmas tree through the grounds. What is the longest (or heaviest) book you own?

Does the Bible count?  I’m pretty sure that’s the biggest book I actually own, having bought a new version which was a teaching version about seven years ago.  I’m not really super religious (I don’t really want to talk religion on this blog but I have many different beliefs 😉 ), but I do love stories that sometimes parody or use parts of the biblical texts to create a bigger plot and the Bible has some very interesting (if sometimes strange) stories within it’s covers.  It’s also a book I really wanted to understand better when I was younger, as it played an important part of my earlier life.  And ever since I was a child I always had a goal in my life, to read the Bible from front to back, just so I’d know the text when people mention or refer to it, and it’s still a weird goal I have and one day hope to achieve. 😅

It’s time for the famous Great Hall feast. What’s one book you can’t read without snacks?

I don’t usually snack when reading.  In fact if I’m so engrossed in a book I’ll just happily not eat until I’m super hungry because I can’t tear myself away from the pages long enough to get up and get something to eat, lol!

Well done, you’ve brewed your first Polyjuice Potion. What’s one book you’d change the cover of?

This is something that’s been bothering me ever since I saw it released.  I absolutely loved reading Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor and part of my love of it was the beautiful hardback cover of the UK edition.  It featured a beautiful sparkly golden moth with an intricate pattern that just looked so beautiful! 😍  I read the book as a library loan and planned on buying it for myself later.  But when the paperback cover came out it looked nothing like the original and I have to say it made me want to cry.😭  I know it’s a lovely cover too, but they basically kind of swapped the US and UK cover designs when creating the paperbacks so the US paperback cover looks like the UK hardback one and vice versa.  So wish I could get hold of a US copy or really wish I could change this UK paperback cover to the original because it’s just so beautiful!😭😍

Strange the Dreamer cover
The beautiful hardback cover I adore!!!😍😍😍
Strange the Dreamer paperback cover
The (still pretty) paperback book cover I wish I could change!

You receive a brand new Firebolt for Christmas. What’s one book you read super quickly?

Children’s books are always easy to read quickly and one of my favourites is the Julius Zebra series by Gary Northfield.  It just makes me laugh with all the historical and ridiculous antics that the animals get up to and how much old fashioned British humour is in those books!  I don’t have a specific book I’d say is my go-to quick read, but thrillers of all the genres (apart from younger children’s books) are books I get through very quickly and can’t wait to devour! 😀

You join Harry for his first proper Christmas. What’s one book you’d love to receive this year?

Does a colouring book count?  Because the only books that I have on my mind that I’d really like to get but know I might not are colouring books! lol  I love colouring in and if you saw my birthday book haul you’d know that I got a lovely Beauty and the Beast colouring book, but there are so many colouring books that I still want to get and I’ve written a rather large list of them as a hint for anyone who wants to get me one.  I’ve been a big colouring enthusiast since about 2014 and didn’t buy many colouring books for the last couple of years so now all I really want to do is binge on them for a while! 😂

You get hit by one of Fred and George’s flying snowballs. What’s a book you wanted to throw across the room?

It’s rare that I dislike a book that much that I’d want to throw it across the room, but the truth is that there have been a few including one by a self published author (and this isn’t anything agains self pubs – many of you guys are brilliant!) who just wasn’t very good at writing at all. :/  The story was so boring and didn’t really make sense to me but I persevered with it right to the end, constantly hoping it would somehow redeem itself (it never did!) until the ending where it was just ridiculous and I felt a real urge to throw my phone across the room, luckily I didn’t!  But I don’t want to mention the book’s name because I don’t really want to deal with the author who was okay about me not enjoying the book when I told them, but there was something a little off with them so I’d rather not bring it up years later and have them trolling me🙄😱.

You’ve just visited Hogsmeade for the first time. What’s one popular book you haven’t read yet?

Where do I start?  There’s probably many even close to hundred books that are popular that I haven’t read apart from the one I’m not allowed to mention in this tag!  How about the rest of the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber?  I’ve read Caraval but so far, despite really enjoying the book, I haven’t read Legendary or Finale, its sequels.  That’s something I plan to rectify, though, as soon as possible. 😀

Congratulations, you’ve been invited to the Yule Ball. What book about Christmas do you love?

The Christmas Eve Tree by Delia Huddy and illustrated by Emily Sutton is one that I just love and which has been misunderstood by some in the book community.  It’s a picture book all about a poor little christmas tree which along with the other fir trees was available for people to buy.  But because this little tree was crooked nobody wanted him. 😦  Luckily there are some who do want this tree and it is adored by a young boy who takes him to share with his friends.  This book has been misunderstood by some people because the poor boy is homeless and therefore people automatically thought that the story is about homelessness (which isn’t very Christmassy).  But the boy grows up and isn’t homeless in the end and there is a happy ending for both boy and tree.  When you see what happens to the tree in the end, and you see all those lovely heartwarming illustrations, you just can’t help but smile and feel all lovely and warm inside! 🙂

You find Ron’s deluminator. What’s one book that’s helped you through some dark times?

I’m again not sure about a specific book but more like a specific set of books.  I really love some inspirational books with uplifting messages when I’m down, but I also just like sometimes reading something funny to lift my mood, I think it depends on how sad or dark it/I feel.  The truth is that if I’m in a really depressed place, books don’t actualy help me at all and I often struggle to read them when I go through some tough times.  Having said that though there was a classic I did read some years ago when I was feeling pretty :/ and that was Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith.  It’s a classic but short and just reads like any modern day funny book with lots of silly things happening to the main character.  If you want to try classics but are nervous about them, it’s a great one to start with and I’m already keen to read it again. 🙂

Did you like this tag?  What do you think of my answers?  What would your answers be?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂