I’m quite late with this post but I did promise to share with all of you how my attempt at Inktober went after the month was over.  For those of you who don’t know what Inktober is, it’s a challenge that happens every October and encourages everyone to try their hand at drawing something every day to help improve your artistic skills.  Anyone of any ability can take part and I wrote more about the event in this post here.  But today, having tried my hand at drawing something during October and sharing my creations on Instagram, I thought I’d now share some of these efforts here. 🙂

I didn’t manage to complete a drawing for every day of Inktober, I had a week where I wasn’t able to do much drawing or doodling at all, but I did manage to create quite a few images, 13 in total, which is more than I managed the previous year which I feel is a good personal record, considering I barely managed more than about 5 or 6 last year.  I did in fact draw a few more images than I shared on Instagram but I felt a bit shy about sharing them all as they were either experimental type drawings or just not good enough to show off.  Anyway here’s a little showcase of some of the things I drew for Inktober.  I do hope you like them because I did enjoy creating them.  Let me know if you created anything for Inktober this year? 😀


There were a lot of landscape style images this year…

Inktober image house smoke wisps from chimney
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Wisp

Inktober image sand dunes
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Dune
Inktober image crazy lightning
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Storm

Fun and simple

There were a few fun and much simpler drawings that I made including some rather more abstract…

Inktober image dung flies
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Disgusting
Inktober image pile of soil with spade
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Dig
Inktober image swirls
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Dizzy


I attempted some more funny/cartoony images including one based on the game Plants vs Zombies and another on the board game mouse trap!

Inktober image plants vs Zombies
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: RIP
Inktober image mouse trap
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Trap
Inktober image spider
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Crawl


And finally here are some pictures I spent longer on and am quite proud of myself for them, especially the cat pictures. 🙂 🐈  I’ve always enjoyed  drawing animals. 😊

Inktober image fish
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Fish
Inktober image cat sleeping
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Sleep
Inktober image sea life
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober propmpt: Coral
Inktober image Cat tuxedo face
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober prompt: Buddy


I hope you enjoyed these pictures and let me know if you took part in Inktober this year, or are taking part in the all year Inktober 52 challenge?

What do you think of my efforts?  Do you enjoy drawing?  Have you tried any of the Inktober prompts?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂