Today I’m pleased to share with you these three brilliant books I got from the lovely people at publisher Barrington Stoke.  All of these books will be released next year, and I’m especially excited for these books as I just love the sound of all of them and the covers are just so beautiful.  Barrington Stoke, if you remember, is a publisher who make books especially aimed at reluctant readers and those with difficulties in reading like dyslexia.  The books don’t have to be read by just those with dyslexia or who find reading hard, but the way they are formatted really does help and can bring a love of reading to those who are reluctant. 🙂  I’m super excited about these books and can’t wait to share them with you so let’s take a look and see what I got! 😀

December book haul barrington stoke books
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The Ghost Garden by Emma Carroll & Kaja KajfežSummer 1914. When Fran unearths a bone in the garden of Longbarrow House on the same afternoon that Leo breaks his leg, it is just the first in a series of strange and unsettling coincidences.
Leo is left wheelchair bound for the rest of the summer and Fran is roped in to keep him company, forced to listen to his foolish theories about the looming threat of war in Europe.
Suddenly the garden she has loved all her life seems to hold threatening shadows of the future, and Fran starts to fear what she and Leo might find next…

Animal Farm by George Orwell –   The animals of Manor Farm live hard, miserable lives under their master, the cruel Mr Jones.  But when his drunken neglect becomes too much to bear, they rise up and claim the farm as their own.
The plan is to create a new community where all animals can be equal, free and happy, but things soon go horribly wrong.  A sinister group betray the ideals of the Rebellion and it seems that one terrible tyrant has been replaced with others who may be even worse…
George Orwell’s classic novel unabrodged in a dyslexia-friendly format more readers can access and enjoy.

Featherlight by Peter Bunzl & Evan Hollingdale – Deryn’s father is the lighthouse keeper on Featherstone Island, keeping the lantern lit to protect passing boats from the treacherous rocky coastline. But when an emergency arises and her parents have to travel to the mainland for help, Deryn is left alone to keep watch over the lighthouse, and she finds herself in a terrible situation when the lamp runs out of oil during a wild storm.
With a fishing boat in peril on the sea, and time running out to rescue those on board, Deryn seeks help from an unusual source. Will she be able to keep the lantern lit through the dark, dangerous night?


Don’t you just love the covers of these books and don’t they sound so interesting? 😀 I’m super excited to read all of these but especially this version of Animal Farm.  I think considering how the world is at the moment that book will be an exciting read and I’m keen to see how they’ve made it extra appealing to children who find reading tough.  As usual reviews for all of these books will be appearing on this blog as soon as possible and look out for the review of The Ghost Garden because that one will have some extra special pictures included! 😀

What do you think of these books?  What books are you excited to get in the new year?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂