Merry Christmas everyone!  Whether you are celebrating this special day with friends, family or just spending the day alone, I wish everyone a very happy Christmas day and I hope this day is filled with lots of happiness, cheer and peace.  Although many of us may not be celebrating Christmas in the way we had hoped, it’s still a day that we can remember loved ones and hopefully share some of the Christmas spirit with others whether you are physically together in the same place or apart.  Regardless of what you are doing or how you and your family spend Christmas, please remember that today is a time to celebrate, to enjoy life and the world and to be happy, so let everyone happily celebrate the day in their own way without judgement. 🙂

If you’re finding Christmas hard then don’t be afraid of talking to somebody, and also remember to think of others this Christmas.  In the last year we have spent so much time apart from others that it’s easy to forget that we are social creatures and that love triumphs all.  We should not be afraid of the world or each other, remember your Christmases before this year, and remember how wonderful it has been to be together, and hold that image deep in your heart, and hopefuly next year we will all be together once more. 🙂 ❤

Today I’m sharing a Christmas poem I wrote, I hope you all enjoy it and have a lovely day!

Christmas is a Time of Joy

©The Strawberry Post

Christmas is a strange affair,
A time that we are made aware,
Of people that we all do wish,
Could share our many Christmas dish.

Christmas is a time of love,
Of those on Earth and those above,
Spent together or apart,
Time of peace, of giving heart.

Christmas is a time to cherish,
All we have but not embellish,
While others live in greater need,
We shouldn’t entertain our greed.

Christmas is a but once a year,
A time to live in joy not fear,
A time to wisely use your voice,
To choose happiness and rejoice.

Christmas is a special day,
Presents, food and time to play,
A time which we can all now start,
To think, act, not from mind but heart.

Christmas is a strange affair,
A time when you can show you care,
Enjoy your day, let others be,
Dance around the Christmas tree.

Christmas is a time to mend,
Broken ties to family, friend,
A time to think from heart not mind,
To know what’s true and not be blind.

Christmas is a time of joy,
For all adult, girl and boy,
A time to come together and share,
Peace on Earth and loving prayer.

Do you like this poem?  How are you spending your Christmas day?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂