Today I’d like to share a poem that I wrote quite a while ago but about a subject that still doesn’t leave me.  Many people may have purchased or somehow gotten a pet over Christmas or during the various lockdowns we’ve been sujected to.  But when those cute kittens and puppies grow up they can sometimes become a pest, annoying or just difficult to take care of for some.  A pet is for life and not just for a special occassion and with animals comes the responsibility of taking care of them, they are our family members, no less important than any human and should be treated as such.  This poem was one that focused all my feelings about people who get hold of animals for the wrong reasons.  I hope the poem sounds okay and that you enjoy it despite its dark nature, and on a wider note I hope you are enjoying the new year of 2021! 🙂

Dark Cavity

©The Strawberry Post

Dark and cold, you’ll find me there,
Not that I think that you would care.
Left to be, without a home,
“Free” you’d say, to live and roam.
Didn’t agree, keep safe and well,
Instead you felt the need to sell.
Promised others a loving start,
But what you did was not of heart.
Let me experience warmth and love,
You cuddled mine, as white as dove.
Blinded this way, I didn’t see,
All your thoughts were of a fee.
Couldn’t see coming, how you would take,
What only mattered, my heart you’d break.
You wanted more, you pushed and pressed,
I didn’t agree, became your pest.
Fought against, ’til you’d let go,
But instead you decided to throw.
Tossed and turned, made me feel sick,
In the darkness, a slab of brick.
Bruised, in pain but worse was still,
The sound, darkness, water, chill.
Only freed by saving grace,
Didn’t stay to watch you chase.
Fled until I reached the goal,
Found that spot, that very hole.
Dark and cold, you’ll find me there,
Not that I think that you would care.

-Poem first appeared online January 2018 – now republished here.

Do you like this poem?  What do you think about animals and the way some people mistreat them?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂