Title: Twin Daggers (Twin Daggers #1)
Author: MarcyKate Connolly
Publisher: Blink
Genre: Teen/Young adult fiction, Fantasy
Book format: Pre-publication proof
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Description:  Aissa’s life is a web of carefully constructed lies. By day, she and her sister Zandra play the role of normal young Technocrats eager to fulfill the duties of their new apprenticeships. By night, they work for the Magi’s spy organization, which seeks to overthrow the Technocrats who subjugated their people. Soon Aissa is given her greatest mission: find and kidnap the heir to the Technocrat throne, who is rumored to be one of the Heartless—a person born without a working heart who survives via a mechanical replacement—and has been hidden since birth.
Aissa has never been one to turn down an assignment, even if the hunt is complicated by a kind Technocrat researcher who is determined to find a cure for the Heartless. But when Zandria is captured, Aissa will do anything to get her sister back. Even if it means abandoning all other loyalties … and risking everything by trusting the enemy.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Oh wow, this book! Although it took me some time to get into the story, once I did I just couldn’t put this down. Aissa and her twin sister Zandria live in Palinor, a Technocrat city where people value machines, above nature and magic, and live alongside them. But while Aissa and her sister spend their days among the Technocrats pretending to be them, every night they spend time below the city, mapping out the tunnels that run underground as their Magi parents have instructed them to do. But Magi are not welcome in Palinor ever since the Techno-Magi wars and when the twins find an interesting locked door hidden beneath the city, they soon realise that they aren’t the only ones searching the tunnels for secrets. And if the truth of their real identities as Magi are ever found out, there will be deadly consequences.

‘Twin Daggers’ is such an amazing fantasy story although I have to admit it did take me a bit of time to get into the tale at the beginning. The book starts with Aissa and Zandria sneaking into the drainage tunnels that run under the city, with Aissa narrating the entire story and giving a bit of background to what is happening and the key aspects of them being Magi in a Technocrat world. The story is interesting from the start although getting to know all the details of the conflict between the Technocrats and Magi did take a bit of time to settle into my head and it wasn’t until Aissa and Zandria graduated school and begin their apprentiships around the city that I really was invested in the story.

The war between the Magi and the Technocrats left the Technocrats believing the Magi to be extinct, but while Aissa and Zandria work as spies, as all Magi within the city do, we start to find out more about the Techno-Magi wars and their dark consequences. I don’t really want to give away too much because the plot is long and very detailed but at no point was I confused and in fact I just loved how detailed some of the story was, including the details of the heartless and the special magic that the twins have. It wasn’t long before this book went from one that I initially struggled to get into, to one I just couldn’t put down and I just loved how the world was brought to life in my mind with all the wonderful descriptions and what happens.

The relationship that blossoms between Aissa and another character was sweet and I liked how this developed. In fact it really felt like a sweet Romeo and Juliet tale but what happened at the end was far more exciting! There is so much that happens with all of the characters in the book and although I had an inkling about a certain Magi character a while before something was revealed, I wasn’t quite expecting the plot twist that actually happened. And there were quite a few twists that I really wasn’t expecting.  They were perfect though and made me gasp several times and get all emotional.

The ending is such a dramatic one and so satisfying too, and it leaves the door open for the sequel which I’m just desperate already to read!  There’s something so amazing about this story and although I’ve seen some negative reviews about it being slow and difficult to get into (with some people giving up before they read more), for me it was just a little more descriptive than some ya books, but that descriptive nature soon brought me into the world of Palinor, the Magi and Technos, and it was just so compelling and so detailed that I was completely sucked in and I just didn’t want the story to end! There is nothing offensive in the book although there are a few descriptions of deaths and torture that might upset more sensitive readers. Apart from that there is nothing else that I would consider offensive/triggering.

This really was a wonderful and unique fantasy story and one which I think plenty of people will enjoy once you get into it. Although it can seem a little slow and descriptive at first, especially at the start in trying to understand the dynamics of the Magi and Technocrats and everything about the divide between the two, it isn’t slow throughout and it does pick up with so many exciting moments both heart-warming and breaking. In the end I was completly hooked and I just couldn’t put the book down! I can’t wait for the sequel and would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good and detailed fantasy story with a sweet romance thrown in!

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