Today I’d like to share a short poem but one which I hope will resonate with anyone who’s ever had difficulty dealing with dark feelings and depression.  Mental health is so important but many of us have suffered some form of depression in our lives, unbalancing what should be a stable mental state.  These days it seems that depression and dark thoughts and feelings are increasing with the way the world is and endless problems we have dealing with the dystopian nightmare that we’re moving more towards every day.  Daily life has become difficult so for so many of us and for those that are particularly sensitive, depression can leave you feeling alone and isolated in the world.  The scars of such a problem also leave us hiding what we are feeling, and most often we hide this from those closest to us as we’re afraid of upsetting out family and friends with our dark or sad mood.  But whether you have suffered with derpession for a long time, a short time or just feel generally sad one day.  It is okay to feel those feelings and it is okay to also talk about them with someone.  It can honestly help. 🙂

I hope you’ll like this poem I wrote a few years ago, it sums up my feelings of being alone when feeling depressed.  I hope it helps in understanding what it’s like and helping anyone out there who needs it to know that it’s okay to open up. Have a lovely day everyone! ❤ 🙂


Scars of Depression

©The Strawberry Post

I laugh, I smile, I look happy,
You see me I am there.
All day I act so pleasant,
I live without a care.

Sun shines down, birds chirp outside,
The world is at ease.
It cannot know what’s deep inside,
This soul destroying disease.

Present, past it does not matter,
I must keep up my guard.
I cannot show what is inside,
The truth of being scarred.

Wounds are open, run so deep,
The pain, too much to bear.
But you will never really know,
How I live without a care.

Poem first appeared online May 2016 – now republished here.

What do you think of this poem?  Do the words of depression resonate with you?  What do you think of those who hide their dark thoughts and feelings?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂