Today is the first day of February and that means it’s the first day of #Febookary 2021!  This will be the second year of the #Febookary challenge, a month long, or 28 day, challenge to face your reading fears. 🙂  Last year I created this challenge and there was a small uptake, but this year I’m hoping that whether you’re an avid book reader or someone more reluctant to commit, you’ll all take the chance to enjoy this challenge and help support it. 🙂  Below are a few question you might have which explain what the #Febookary challenge is.  There aren’t any really big rules to this challenge , it’s just a casual bit of fun and I hope you’ll all take the time to join in and hopefully this year we’ll have more fun, including a #Febookary book tag I’ve invented! 😀

What is #Febookary?

It’s a month long challenge that takes place during February to help encourage everyone but especially reluctant readers to try reading something new.  It’s a fun challenge that I hope enourages everyone to try something new regardless of age and ability.

How can I get involved with #Febookary?

Everyone can get involved whether you’re a reluctant reader or an avid bookworm.  If you or your children are reluctant readers, this is a time to try and challenge any fears that you or they may have about reading, by trying to read something new.  Anything you manage to read, even if it’s just one book is more than enough and there are so many different and interesting books out there, even comic books, that you or your children will hopfully find one that you love.  I also hope it might spark a real love of reading in those of you who never thought you’d want to read again.

If you’re an avid bookworm then #Febookary is all about challenging your fears of some books that you may not usually want to read, and encourages you to try out as many books as you can that you wouldn’t normally want to pick up, for example it can be a book from a genre or age category that you don’t normally want to read.  This challenge can also include trying to re-read books you DNF (did not finish) or ones that you didn’t realy enjoy the first time you read them (especially if it was a long time ago or for school), to see if you might enjoy something that you previously ‘feared’ you wouldn’t. 🙂

Share your reading jourey during this challenge by tweeting or sharing online using the hashtag #Febookary to share what you are reading and to help encourage others with their reading challenge.

Different ideas to try:

Like I’ve already mentioned above, picking a book or several books to read for Febookary is easy:

  • You can try out different genres, and don’t be afraid of exploring books aimed at children and teens, if you don’t usually read these, or delving into other genres and sub-genres such as Christian fiction, poetry and graphic novels.
  • A #Febookary book to read could be a doorstopper (one with a huge amount of pages like over 500), if you usually prefer shorter books, or trying out a series if you prefer standalone books or vice versa.
  • You could try books in different formats such as audiobooks or digital instead of physical.
  • You can even try indie published books if you always prefer traditionally published, or try a book with little recognition verses a well-known one with high praise if that’s what you usually read.

Whatever you try is up to you, but the whole point of Febookary is to TRY something different!  Something that goes out of your normal reading comfort zone, out of your normal reading pattern, something that you ‘fear’/don’t want to read.  To face your reading fears and to challenge yourself.  You might just start to enjoy something that you didn’t before, and hopefully if you’re a reluctant reader you’ll find that books aren’t so scary and there’s something that you’ll love to read.

Why is #Febookary important?

I started #Febookary after sharing my own experiences online with the difficulty I had in getting into reading after a horrible experience I had at school at a young age.  A certain incident where I struggled to read aloud in front of someone made me dislike reading for a long time.  I felt nervous every time I tried reading and preferred looking at the pictures or reading books aimed at much younger ages than myself.  Growing up I found it hard to get into reading books and I was a reluctant reader for a long time until I found a love of books in my teenage years and beyond.  It’s taken me a long time to work up the courage to enjoy reading a wealth of genres (I never used to read so many) but reading has really improved and enriched my life so much, and I want everyone out there who is a reluctant reader to have the same enriching experience that I now get from books.

So while #Febookary was started for and is aimed at those who are reluctant readers, those who struggle to find joy in words, I want everyone to participate and challenge their own ‘fears’ of reading and to share how important reading is.  We all have personal stories we can share of why reading is so important to us, how it improves our lives daily, so I want everyone out there to enjoy #Febookary and to feel proud of reading even just one book that they never thought they would. 🙂

My own personal #Febookary challenge

This year #Febookary was meant to be bigger than it will be due to unforseen personal circumstances.  A lot has happened recently and just over a week ago a close family member, my grandma died. 😦  I had originally planned for #Febookary to be much bigger, to have it’s own additional reading challenge game (you know, the typical book challenge game board thing) for very avid bookworms and to do more online with the hashtag.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to create all of that this year, but I’m still going to be sharing the #Febookary book tag which I hope you will join in with.

For this year’s Febookary I was planning to attempt reading The Hobbit, which, if you’ve read my Febookary post last year, you’ll know that this book is a big part of the reason I was a reluctant reader for more years than I should have been.  I was planning on really challenging myself by trying this book, and I still will in the future (I do want to), but this year, due to what’s happened personally with my family, I thought I’d attempt #Febookary a different way.  This year I plan to really get into the graphic novel genre.  It’s not a genre I have really read much of, in fact I think I’ve only ever read a total of four graphic novels in my life (not counting several The Simpsons comic magazines from over ten years ago!)! 😮  But I’d love to dive into more, especially those aimed at older ages, teens and above, as I just never desired this genre and now I think that maybe I’m missing out.🤔

Don’t forget!

Please do get involved with #Febookary if you can, it can be as little as one book to read for the whole four weeks of February, and at the end of it you might have discoverd something you didn’t know you liked.  And if you didn’t then you just know that there are some books you firmly don’t, and never will, like. 😀

Don’t forget to use the #Febookary hashtag online to let everyone know what you are reading as well as sending encouraging messages to others who share their #Febookary challenges.  I’ll share as much as I can, mainly on twitter where I am @TStrawberryPost, but I’m also on Instagram sometimes (also @TStrawberryPost) though I’m not on there very often so not as much interaction.  Follow me on social media and this blog for more #Febookary posts including the #Febookary book tag which I’ll be sharing very soon! 🙂

So let’s all get involved and make #Febookary something great. Everyone can face their reading fears and beat them. Everyone can find a new love of reading, and let’s show the whole world that books are for everyone, and there’s so many different ones out there that everyone can enjoy them! 🙂

-Don’t forget to check the official #Febookary page for more hints and tips on how to make the best of this challenge! 🙂

What do you think of this challenge?  Will you be taking part in the #Febookary challenge?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂