Welcome to the #Febookary book tag, a new tag created by me! 🙂  I hope most of you have already found out what the #Febookary book challenge is and are going to take part this month.  But for those that don’t know what #Febookary is I’ll tell you.  It’s a month long challenge where everybody faces their reading ‘fears’ by trying to read something that you wouldn’t normally want to read, or reading anything if you usually just don’t like reading books at all.  Please check out the link above for more details of the challenge and after reading it I hope you’ll want to take part this year. 🙂

Now, to make #Febookary a little more fun and to help us with making plans on what we’re going to read for this challenge, I’ve created a short and fun book tag, called the #Febookary book tag.  The questions may not be completely original but hey, a lot of book tag questions aren’t.  But I hope you’ll all still want to join in and please do share below a link to your book tag post if you make one or comment so we can see what we have in common and what you’re planning on reading. 🙂

Oh and if you do this tag please don’t forget to credit me (The Strawberry Post) as the creator of this tag. 😀 😉

1. Have you always enjoyed reading books?  If not then when did your love of books start, or end?

I do remember enjoying reading some books when I was very young, before the incident at school which made me reluctant to read for many years.  I do remember it was a combination of the story and the pictures that really sold me though and if it wasn’t for the pictures I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much! 😅  I kind of had a blip at around the age of seven when I was forced to read aloud a book that I found difficult, it put me off reading for a long time and I struggled to enjoy it until I was in my teens and beyond.

2. What books, if any, did you like to read as a child?

There were a few I remember liking including Beatrix Potter books and the Brambly Hedge series.  I remember the wonderful illustrations in these books, and Brambly Hedge ended up being televised as an animation too and I remember waiting for months for the next season’s story on tv!  I used to love checking out those books whenever a tv episode finished airing and it’s one of the books that I really adored reading as a child, although I think I stared at the pictures much more than I actually read or re-read the book. 😀

3. What are you favourite genres, if any, of fiction and why?

My ultimate favourites are science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and thrillers!  And probably any book aimed at children that’s of any genre too, lol.  Although I’m fine reading plenty of others these days too!

I think I mainly love fantasy and sci-fi because it’s escapism from the real world.  I always struggled with accepting the world as a bleak place where magic didn’t exist, so I really got into the fantasy of magic and talking animals and stuff like that, or the science fiction genre of possible futures and interesting alternate realities.  As for historical I only recently realised how much I love this genre and it’s probably because I just love history in general and I often daydream of what it would be like to live in the past (I’m not so keen on the future we’re seeing at the moment😳).  And of course I love thrillers, which I only discoverd a few years ago because of the fast pace and the fact that they often feel more like a movie than a book in my head! 🙂

4. What are your favourite genres, if any, of non-fiction and why?

I love anything to do with animals because I’m an animal lover so the nature stuff genre (are there any genres that focus on nature or am I making that up?🤪).  Apart from that I love any books that are about history because of the reasons I gave above for my love of history and histofical fiction.  I also love self-help books as I am always trying to improve myself and memoirs because it’s nice to read what other people have been through, a different perspecitve on life or to see what things have happened to well known people I know.

5. Are there any genres you just don’t like or have never tried reading?

Graphic novels are something I haven’t tried much of.  I’ve read the odd comic magazine when I was younger (should that count?) but I never really considered them books so I never really thought much of graphic novels until more recently.  I haven’t read as much poetry books as I have in online blogs.  I don’t really know why, I just haven’t picked up many poetry books before.

There is one genre though that I doubt I’d ever read and that is is full-on steamy romances that are really erotica.  I love a sweet slow burning romance but when it gets too hot I just don’t find it appealing, it’s just not my cup of tea and it’s probably the only genre I doubt I will ever try, ever, even for Febookary or any occasion😅

6. Do you often DNF (Did Not Finish) books and why?

This doesn’t happen often anymore as I’m a determined person and, for lack of better judgement sometimes, I just want to see how a book ends even if it’s terrible as I just can’t stop thinking about a book I’ve DNFed.  However I have DNF a few books in the past and the reasons are usually really bad editing, like the grammar has to be very off or ridiculous mistakes like a character suddenly changing location, a horse and carriage suddely appearing in a study (I thought we weren’t outside) etc, oh and yes that last one did happen in a book I once read!🤦‍♀️  Another reason I have for DNFing is a book that is so boring that it’s just a very monotonous story that’s clearly going nowhere.  I remember DNF books, or even being reluctant to really start reading them as a teenager and younger and the reason back then was usually the book’s size, i.e. too big! 😮

7. Do you enjoy reading things that aren’t books like magazines, newspapers or blogs?

Even when I still struggled with ficition books I found it easier to stick to non-fiction, especially things with short paragraphs (not giant blocks of text) and text that I can dip in and out of reading.  Because of this magazines were always something I loved reading especially animal (specifically cat) focussed ones.  Apart from that stuff online was often easy to read as it’s much shorter than books and some blogs are very short indeed.  I have a particular interest in blogs that feature poetry as well as book stuff although there are lots of different blogs and websites that I like to follow these days.  I still enjoy reading blogs and magazines too, although I don’t read many magazines these days and prefer to stick to blogs and, would you believe it, books!

8. Are there any books that have put you off reading a whole genre or reading in general?

The Hobbit which I tried to read as an older child, pre-teen age, definitely put me off high fantasy for well over a decade!  I tried to read the book when I was already a reluctant reader but someone had gifted it to me and I felt like I was both obliged to read it and also just wanted to as I liked the cover.  I used to love the magical make believe world of fantasy but after attempting to read the beginning of The Hobbit several times I ended up thinking that actual the fantasy genre was just this world of very high fantasy, i.e. goblins, dragons, etc.  And I hated it!  Things felt too cliche and too unreal for me to enjoy and it firmly put me off not just fantasy books but fantasy films and games too!

Ironically at the same time as this I was enjoying stories, especially on television or film which focused on more urban fantasy like the original series of Charmed.  It didn’t occur to me that this was actually fantasy too!  I also ended up enjoying films like Labyrinth not thinking it very fantasy as there was a real-world scenario at the start and end of the movie! 🤦‍♀️  It wasn’t until I played a RPG game called Neverwinter Nights (years after release) that I realised how much I DO love fantasy, even high fantasy, and it has helped shatter the wall of dislike I’d put against the genre, as well as showing me  how powerfuly connected I am to videogames!😜

9. What books do you plan to try for #Febookary this year?

This year I’m going to try and read some graphic novels, and I’m really going to try and read as many as I can find.  Thankfully sites like NetGalley have a lot available, and I don’t mind reading graphic stuff digitally, and I’ve already downloaded one about migrants in London which looks interesting.  I’m hoping to see if I can enjoy this genre more as my brain still tells me that graphic novels aren’t really books, which is of course silly as they totally are! 🙂

What do you think of this tag and my answers?  Will you be taking part in the #Febookary challenge this year?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂