Title: Siri the Viking: Mimir’s Well
Author: Patric Nyström
Illustrator: Per Demervall
Translator: Joseph A Davis
Publisher: Eken Press
Genre: Children’s graphic novel, Humour, Historical fiction
Book format: Hardback
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Description:  SIRI IS BACK for another adventure! This time, the brave Viking girl and her friend Zack are searching for a lost treasure. They are helped along by Ansgar the monk, who is looking for his stolen books. A series of clues point them toward a mysterious place called Mimir’s Well. But the villainous Ivar and his clumsy assistant Grim are hot on their trail, eager to get the treasure for themselves.
Once again Siri has to use all her cleverness as she faces baffling riddles and dangerous traps. If she makes it through, perhaps she may find the answer to the greatest riddle of all: what precious treasure lies hidden in the depths of Mimir’s Well?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Aw, I have really enjoyed this second adventure with Siri the Viking and her friends! When Siri’s friend Zack visits, she can’t wait to show him her village. It isn’t long before the two of them are of an adventure to the town of Birka, but while at the market there, they spot Ivar and Grim, from their neighbouring village, who are up to no good. Ivar has a plan but when it backfires Siri and Zack find themselves searching for Mimir’s well. But what will happen when they find it and what tricks is Ivar planning?

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I have really enjoyed this second installment of the Siri the Viking series. ‘Siri the Viking: Mimir’s Well’ is smaller than A4 in size and is filled with colourful glossy pages with lots of brilliant illustrations and text. The book is a graphic novel or in this case a sort of comic style book, and I love just how easy it is to get into the story right away. The first book in the series ‘Siri the Viking: The Emperor’s Treasure’ introduced us to who Siri is and how she meets Zack. While this second story is great as a standalone it makes even better reading if you already know the first adventure and who all the different characters are. This time Siri is keen to show Zack where she lives and all about her Viking life. The story begins with Siri showing her father how important reading books are and how they can help improve things in their lives. This funny exchange shows us just how smart Siri is and soon everybody in the village is panicking when an unknown ship is sailing towards them. I love the little funny moments in this like where Siri’s dad, Torkel, finds his lost shield and hat!

As the story moves on, Siri, her friend and her father all travel to Birka and soon the two kids encounter Ivar and Grim, the same bad guys from the last book. I enjoyed getting to know these two in the first book but I think I enjoyed Grim’s character even more in this one and I love the silly exchanges between these two! The story has a good fast pace and I love how this book focuses on reading, books and the legend of Mimir’s well. I enjoyed Ansgar’s character and what happened to him, especially towards the end when we discover what had happened in the past. The story is just so funny with Siri and her friends outrunning and outwitting Ivar and Grim again and again and I just love how everything worked out for all the characters. There are some very funny moments where I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and, if I’m not mistaken, I do think this is the second time I’ve seen Grim’s bottom when things go wrong (will this be a recurring feature in these books?), which just made me laugh even more!

At the end of the story the last pages of the book explain some real life facts about the Vikings and in this case more about the town of Birka as well as about the Viking alphabet and Ansgar the monk. Although I’d heard of Birka and Ansgar before reading this book I didn’t really know anything more than their names and it was fascinating to read about the real town and what happened to the monk. I love these extra pieces of information which are easy to read as they include some illustrations too and I just love how these books teach you something as well as just being very fun to read.

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I’ve already re-read this book and the first one a few times now and I can’t wait to read more of Siri’s adventures with her friends in a future book. I can’t recommend these two books enough. Both stories are very fun and this one just feels even funnier with everything that happens to the characters especially with Ivar and Grim. I would recommend this series to anyone interested in Vikings or anyone who just wants to enjoy a funny comic-style story set in the past with some real-life facts included. Although this book is aimed at children I’m sure many teens and adults will enjoy reading these, as I have, and I can’t wait to read more and see what new adventures await Siri and her friends! 🙂

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