Today’s poem was originally inspired by a word prompt of ‘fragile’.  All of us at some time or other might feel fragile, I’ve felt this more recently when someone in my family recently died, which some of you may already know about.  Death on its own has been hard to cope with for anyone who’s ever lost someone close to them, but it’s been made painfully worse for me by the fact that with the current restrictions on travel in place, me and my close family aren’t able to attend the funeral which is due next week. 😥

This is a short poem I originally wrote a long time ago, but the fragility of how we often feel in life makes it one I still wanted to share as I think we’ve all to some extent felt like we sometimes struggle with life.  I hope you like the poem and do remember that although sometimes life seems bleak or difficult, we all go through difficult peaks and along with the downs there are always ups, and one day soon I’m sure that life collectively will get better for us all.  i hold on to that hope myself, fiercely. ❤ Have a lovely day everyone. 🙂


©The Strawberry Post

Things are different, time has run.
Years of ageing, cannot be undone.
Holes appear, though may be small,
What caused cuts, hard to recall.
Cracks they show, a truth so stark,
Reality bleak, and so dark.
There is no way, to fix, repair,
No chance of change, to what is there.
Too late to see, no sight of hind,
Cannot bring back, my shattered mind.

-Poem first appeared online September 2016 – now republished here.

What do you think of this short poem?  Do you sometimes feel cracked?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂