Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well today. 🙂  Although my blog has been doing very well, some of you know that I recently had a family bereavement and along with that which has been difficult to cope with, I’ve suffered some long-term health problems.  And despite everything that’s been happening I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening with this blog.  (By the way, the above picture for this post, the happy dolphin staring at you while upright underwater, has nothing to do with this post whatsoever except for the fact that I like dophins and it appeared randomly when I tried searching for life update on a free picture site😂🤣🐬)


Physically my health is a bit of a mess at the moment.  I did mention before that my health hasn’t been that great of late.  It’s nothing to do with the current situation that the world is living in, or maybe in a round about way it is because I am struggling with a lack of care from doctors lately.  I’ve been suffereing some chronic pain which fluctuates from almost invisible to ridiculously painful daily which hasn’t been the best thing to live with.  In the meantime I’m still without diabetic care ☹️ which is shocking considering how much emphasis there was on the importance of diabetic care in the past, so that complications wouldn’t arise.  But it seems that the diabetic nurses and doctors have all disappeared (have they gone and re-trained somewhere else?🤷‍♀️), not even running any phone clinic where I live and so I’m expected to just get on with it and guess, sometimes, what I’m supposed  to be doing even if things are going a bit haywire and wrong as they have been lately. 😦

Mentally I’m coping well and thankfully the recent madness of the pandemic and third UK lockdown hasn’t made me too depressed.  I have my moments where I worry about things never returning to normal and worry about the damage things like lockdowns and distancing are doing to children and people’s mental health in the long-term (I know there’s worries of the virus but these issues worry me too😔), but I’m doing okay and most days I’m happy, except for when things happened with a recent family issue.


It’s hard to talk in detail about it but someone in my family recently died and it flipped my world upsidedown for a while.  I’m having days where I don’t know how to feel or what to think as the death wasn’t just unexpected but it was a sad one too, which happened in a hospital bed after an emergency admission and it wasn’t expected and also was a sad end as the hospital abroad didn’t allow any visitors even in final hours😢.  Coupled with that, the knowledge that we just can’t go abroad because of quarantine for the funeral made it an extra unpleasant experience.

I’ve had a death in the family before but some deaths affect you more than others depending on how close you are to someone and what circumstances their death happened in and this was one I found harder to cope with.  As a result my whole blogging schedule has gone into a bit of a mess and I’m still just trying to get through each day and deal with the bureacracy of everything to do with the funeral happening in another country, which seems to be overly beaurocratic and sometimes a little ridiculous as it’s silly things like signatures needed to okay everything several times.🙄


My second annual book challenge has sadly been an epic fail this year 😭 with only one good friend of mine taking up the challenge, at least to my knowledge, which I really do appreciate , so in that context not a fail, but still I’d hoped for more input than last, not less.😔  I can’t say I blame anyone but myself for not being more proactive with all the Febookary posts I’d planned and without having written them, due to everything that’s been happening recently, the challenge just got forgotten about by most. 😦  I’ve done my bit though, I’ve managed to read some graphic novels which was my goal for Febookary.  I’ll be sharing some of the reviews of them here soon and it’s sparked a general interest in reading more graphic novels for me in the future, so a personal win for me. 🙂

Although there is this last week of Febookary that I could still post Febookary related stuff, and I plannd on doing a spotlight post on a publisher and talk about other things to encourage reading, I’m just not going to be able to put out those posts in time for the end of Febookary on sunday. 😦   but I do plan on still writing them up, I have some fun ideas, so I hope you’ll want to read them even if they are not strictly happening in February.  I could still make them #Febookary posts despite not being posted in February I suppose, leaving the hashtag out there as a reminder of the challenge for next year. 🙂


Although I’ve had a few hiccups from everything that’s happening, it’s actually blogging and reading, reading especially, which has been my escape from all the bad stuff.  I still plan to do blog tours, reviews and read and blog here, but I just wanted to let you guys know that when it comes to writing and blogging I might be a bit late in everything I put out.  I’m good at pre-scheduling posts though, so most of you probably won’t even notice it, but I might have erratic posting like several book hauls at the same time (which I usually try to space out), posts going out at the weekend instead of the week(if I’m late to post something), or a bunch of old reviews I still have to transfer to this blog from my old one.

I do have a lot of posts I’m looking forward to writing though including some about the world of blogging. Although this blog is just two and a bit years old, I’ve actually been in the blogosphere since late 2015! 😮 I know, shocking right? 😱😳 Some of you who’ve been around for a while may even have heard of my old blogs (they were semi-popular back in the day, at least I thought they were😅) although don’t tell anyone if you do know who I used to masquerade as🤫, I’d rather transfer all my old blog stuff over first before mentioning it although I doubt anyone would even care if they knew, lol! 🤣🤪  Anyway, I did have some bad experiences when I first started blogging, overworked myself silly, accepted some questionable behaviour from authors requesting reviews, and had a weird experience with a dodgy publisher, as well as just not knowing what the heck I was doing and I’d love to share some tips or stories about the stuff that happened.  That might be a series of posts I’ll do in future.  Let me know if it’s something that interests you? 🙂

Final thoughts

It’s not been an easy year for any of us and I think there’s been a lot of people who’ve suffered the deaths or hospitalization of loved ones. 😦  It’s been a tough year but it’s important to remember that we are still here, that life goes on and that we deserve to be happy.  To that end I am going to hold on to the happy memories of the person I lost, I may even share a poem or something to help keep those memories alive.  It’s important that no matter what happens in life we remember to be happy, to love and to live our lives free. Enjoy your day everyone ❤ 🙂

Have you had any recent life or blogging updates you’d like to share?  What positive words would you give someone who’s struggling to cope?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂