Hello everyone and happy Easter weekend to everyone whether you are Christian and celebrate the traditional Easter or not. 🙂  I have a book review post coming up tomorrow as part of a blog tour which is why I’m posting this today instead of tomorrow.  This Easter inspired poem is a little different to my other Easter poems of the past because it’s been inspired a bit by the recent events of the pandemic.  Although I don’t like to focus on it too much as I like my blog to be a bit of escapism from the dark things happening in the world at the moment, I do hope that things work out and that we will return to a world where things can be normal again, or better than normal.

We humans, like our pets, are social creatures and we do best together not apart.  So I hope you enjoy my poem below and also I hope that no matter what differences you may have with anyone, if you have any grievances or differences of opinions recently, that you please try to put them aside.  We’re all one human species and together we can do great things, but separated and apart we can’t.  so let’s remember to love one another and not be afraid of contact and spending close time with others again.  Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone! 🙂 ❤

Hope in Heart on Easter Day!

©The Strawberry Post

Another year gone by so fast,
Eastertime is here at last.
A time when winter is depart,
A time of joy of new life start.

A time when chocolate eggs abound,
New life springs up from the ground.
A time when baby chicks are born,
Sheep graze still in coats unshorn.

A time when children search and seek,
For eggs hidden by a bunny sneak.
A time of laughter, feeling sun,
Enjoying time with everyone.

And though this year and last were change,
Where things were different, even strange.
Actions odd, thoughts a muddle,
Feeling showers of April’s puddle.

Remember to keep hope in heart,
That we’ll return to where we start.
To share our love and joy and play,
As we always have on Easter Day!

Did you like the poem?  Are you doing anything special for Easter?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂