Today I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote from a prompt I found on twitter on Monday.  This prompt was to write a poem or six word story based on the picture provided.  This picture is the one above though I’ll post it again as I know it sometimes doesn’t show up properly on some devices.  I decided to write a three verse poem which summed up my thoughts on this interesting image.  I hope you like the poem and feel the same way about the power of immagination! 🙂

Child reading book with teddy and lions resting
Image by pixel2013 from

A World of Imagination

©The Strawberry Post

As the little girl read,
Her imagination wove,
A world filled with magic,
Where birds raced and dove.

A jungle filled with lions,
Lazily lolled among trees,
A world filled with monkeys,
Chattering in between leaves.

As the little girl read,
Her imagination wild,
A world filled with magic,
The beautiful world of a child.

Click here to see the tweet where this prompt was found.

Do you like this poem?  Did you have an active imagination as a child? Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂