Name: Treacle Moon The Honeycomb Secret
Item type: Bath/shower gel

Sweet Strawberries: Sweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet Strawberry

Review:  This is such a lovely shower and bath gel that smells delicious and just like honey. The Honeycomb Secret is a recent addition to the Treacle Moon range of shower and bath gels and it’s one I’ve enjoyed using a lot, even though the fragrance isn’t as strong as I would like.

Treacle Moon The Honeycomb Secret close up
©The Strawberry Post – Cute red bees and other details on bottle

Like almost the entire Treacle Moon range this gel is vegan and not tested on animals which is one of the reasons I love this range so much. Although the fragrance is a honey one, this comes from the honeysuckle flower rather than honey produced by bees, which is why the gel can be used by vegans. It’s a lovely scent that as soon as you put the gel on skin you can smell that instant sweet scent of honey. Unlike honey from a jar though, I’d say the scent reminds me more of the sort of honey you’d find on cereals or other honey based food products. It’s a lovely scent but not overpowering as some things using real honey can be.

The gel lathers up well with water and I love using this, but I did find it disappointing that the scent of honey seems to disappear when the gel is fully lathered up. In fact once the gel became just bubbles, the honey smell was completely gone and although I still enjoyed using this, it was a shame to find the scent disappeared as I’m used to Treacle Moon bath and shower gels having such a strong frangrance that it lingers for a while afterwards on the skin.

Despite the slightly disappointing strength of the fragrance though, I still just love the hoeny scent of this gel when I first put it on my sponge or skin. I no longer eat honey based foods like I once did and often miss it, so it’s always so lovely to be able to use a product that’s scented with honey, especially this one that uses honeysuckle rather than honey itself. The gel uses a portion of the real flower in it, and it’s good for my skin. It doesn’t leave a creamy feeling on the skin but it also doesn’t dry it out and it just feels so lovely to lather with this.

If the honey scent was just a little stronger I’d be giving this five strawberries, but considering the lack of fragrance once lathered I feel it’s just a little bit disappointing. However, if you’re looking for a subtle scent which isn’t too overpowering for sensitive noses perhaps then this is a good one to get, just be aware that this is a probably limited edition scent and might be being replaced now with a new fruity one I’ve started using which I’ll review soon.

What do you think of this shower and bath gel?  Do you like honey scented products?  Let me kknow what you think in the comments below 🙂