Hello everyone and I hope you are all well today and are having a good Monday.  Here in the UK it’s a bit of a special day as many places that have been closed for months are now reopening and life is, hopefully, getting back to normal.  Unfortunately I haven’t posted much last week at all and haven’t been around a lot in the last two+ weeks thanks to some pretty severe health issues.  I’ll talk more of that in a later post, I’ve briefly mentioned some problems but it might be something that needs its own blog post to talk about, but for now I wanted to share a poem that has come into my head as a result of how I’ve been feeling recently.

The pandemic issue has really had a negative effect on me, more so than I first thought and it’s resulted in some bad health problems too. 😦 As a result I often get out my frustrations and negative thoughts on paper in the form of poetry.  It doesn’t always make sense and this particular one doesn’t, I think, have the best rhyming rhythm but I like to post all the poetry I write so here it is.  I still hope you like it, whether it’s meaningful words to you or just nonsense, heck, I’d be happy if you just like the fact it rhymes. 🙂  Have a lovely Monday everyone and I hope you enjoy the poem! 🙂 ❤

A Life Divided

©The Strawberry Post

Living life divided,
Always one of two,
Living life abided,
Don’t know what to do.

One side always knowing,
While other always lies,
One side always growing,
As the other one hides.

Living to be both,
But slowing losing mind,
Learning to be loath,
As pretend to be blind.

Seeing either side,
Assuming to agree,
Seeing either’s lie,
Unable to be free.

Living to survive,
A world that was once fine.
Living an archive,
Future no longer benign.

Afraid to break out,
To face the conflict.
Afraid to stand, shout,
At those who restrict.

Need to make the choice,
To throw away the fear.
Need to use the voice,
To make my truth clear.

Living life divided,
Deciding to be me,
Living life abided,
Ready to live free.

What do you think of this poem?  Do you feel like your life is divided?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂