Ove the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with blogging due to health problems, which means I might have to adapt my blogging shcedule in future, but today I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote a while ago but sums up how I think I and others often feel.  It can sometimes feel so hard when you feel alone and unnoticed and part of me sometimes worries whether I’d be missed if I disappeared from the online blogging world here, like I did last week…again. :/

Things have been pretty rough for me personally these last few weeks and indeed months.  2021 has certainly been a year of a lot of problems for me. 😦  I’ll blog more about that soon as it deserves its own blog post, but for now while I ease my way back into things I hope you’ll enjoy this poem though be warned it’s one that’s a little dark.  Have a great day everyone and if you see someone who might be feeling like this then maybe try making them feel noticed! ❤ 🙂


©The Strawberry Post

If I was gone, would you notice?
Would you look deep inside?
See the truth beyond the,
Lies I behind hide?

Would you hear the silent voice?
Notice I had not spoken?
Could you see beyond my being?
Realise I am broken?

Do you even care at all?
I’m there to do what you bid.
The moment I stand against you,
I’m something to be rid.

Did you ever want me there?
A part of your own life?
Wanted my honestly,
Now you show the knife.

Now I know the truth,
You never wanted me.
Wanted someone else,
Who saw what you only see.

If I was gone, would you notice?
I realise it now, too late.
Your ignoring, indifference, hatred,
Has now sealed my fate.

-Poem first appeared online October 2016 – now republished here.

What do you think of this poem?  Do you sometimes feel unnoticed?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂