Today I’d like to welcome you to my stop on the blog tour for Earthlings: The Beginning the first book of a climate fiction trilogy and a brilliant read!  This was a very different but amazing book and I can’t wait to share my review below, but first I’d like to say a special thank you to Sophia at Midas as well as the publisher for the chance to read this book and be a part of this tour!  Do check out the other stops on the tour and take a look at why I love this book so much below. 😀

Title: Earthlings: The Beginning (Earthlings #1)
Author: Ray Star
Publisher: Chronos Publishing
Genre: Teen/young adult fiction, Fantasy, Science fiction – climate fiction
Book format: Pre-publication paperback
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Description:  Peridot has lived a sheltered life. Raised on a remote island off the coast of England by an overprotective mother, Peri has never left the comfort of her home or met another child before. Until the night of her thirteenth birthday, when a strange boy appears at her window, filthy and malnourished, claiming to have escaped captivity from the mainland.
Her mother insists that the ways of the world are to remain concealed until her sixteenth birthday, but she unveils why they live in hiding, the mainland isn’t safe for their kind – they are born of magick. Not magic from stories and fables, but real magick from the days of old. The power to control earth, air, fire, water and spirit; an Elemental.
On her quest to learn the truth, Peridot leaves the island on her sixteenth birthday only to finally comprehend why the truth was kept from her. Life on the mainland is unlike anything she could have fathomed possible, humanity is enslaved, and the remaining species are in charge.
Peridot finds herself thrown into a world she wasn’t prepared for, caught amongst an ongoing battle between those trying to save humanity and the tyrants seeking to keep them enslaved.
Struggling to command magickal abilities she doesn’t fully understand or know how to control. Her abilities may be the helping hand needed to save humanity from an awful way of life, but at what cost?
Within Peridot’s grasp is the chance to save the world, and earth knows, the world needs saving…

*Free copy provided for review…

Review:  Oh wow!  This is such an amazing story and first part of a trilogy.  Peridot lives on a small island with her mum, her mum’s friends Ann and Joseph and a small collection of animals.  Peri lives a happy life but is plagued by the same falling nightmare again and again.  When she turns thirteen, her mum gives her some special gifts, promising to tell Peri some truths she has been hiding from her.  But then a young boy shows up, cold, dirty and terribly thin, and all of Peri’s attention focuses on him.  Soon Peri and the boy Euan are friends but when something goes wrong and Euan disappears, Peri is determined to get him back, no matter what, even if it means leaving the island and facing the dark and dangerous world beyond.

This is such a brilliant story and I just couldn’t put it down after the first pages.  The book begins with an exciting prologue featuring some very angry chickens who can talk.  After that we are introduced to Peri’s life on the island which seems very happy and normal.  There are things about the world that Peri doesn’t know though and which her mum isn’t keen to share. Her mum’s determination to keep things from her leads Peri to get frustrated.  When Euan shows up, it leads Peri to ask more questions and she begins to wonder exactly what truths her mum has kept from her.  I will be honest and say that although I loved every moment of the story, the early parts of Peri’s life on the island did feel a little slow at first.  I enjoyed getting to know what her life was like but the pacing of the story was slower here than the rest of the book.  However the story and the things that happened were good and it kept me interested in reading throughout.

A lot happens in the story and after a few events happen when Peri is thirteen the story shifts to three years later, when Peri finally learns some of the secrets that have been kept hidden from her.  The book really feels like a brilliant adventure story as Peri goes on her quest to find her friend.  The things that were kept hidden from her are an interesting twist on our world today, and along with dealing with this new information Peri is also dealing with new magical abilities.   Being a climate focused book I love how this story didn’t hold back at pointing out some of the terrible things that humanity today has done to nature today and the impact it can have for the future.

I don’t want to give away what happens as it’s far more interesting to find out as the story is revealed, but something has happened to the world and to all the animals in it and there’s a brilliant twist in some of what happens to the humans too.  Peri’s adventure takes her across part of England and I love how so many things happen and how she copes with her new abilities.  I like the magic that’s in the story, how much more powerful it is and what ends up happening to Peri and some aspects of that magic.  All of the chapters in the book are from the first person perspective although some of the chapters alternate to different points of view and I love how we even get to see some of the scenes from the point of view of some of the animals, including Alan!

I love how this tale kept me guessing throughout as to what would happen.  There was never a moment that wasn’t interesting and I love how so many things are revealed even towards the end, it just kept me gripped and turning the pages.  The book has a dramatic ending with a bit of a cliffhanger end as so many things happen and we’re left wondering what will happen in the next book.  I’m not a fan of books that end without some resolution but I did like the ending to this story though.  I love what happens in those last pages and how you’re left with even more questions leaving you wondering what will happen in the next book.  The story has nothing upsetting or offensive at all, only a few moments where there are a few shocks or characters getting hurt badly, but nothing that I’d consider difficult to read, other than the obvious things that this book makes you think about when it comes to the way we treat nature.

This has been such an amazing and thrilling read and I love how interesting the story is featuring talking animals and all sorts of terrible and amazing things happening to all of the characters.  There are some moments that had me laughing, especially some of the moments with Fergus, and some sad moments too but overall this is just such an amazing story that it is still in my head days after reading it!  I can’t recommend it enough to everyone, especially if you enjoy stories with animals or want to see an interesting twist which will make you think deeply about the way our world works today.

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About the author

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Ray Star is a Fantasy author from Essex with a passion for animal rights and eco-living. She can often be found writing, exploring nature and occasionally stargazing underneath a full moon with a tarot deck in one hand and a strong cuppa in the other.

Earthlings was conceived from a love for the environment and inspired by her father, whose passing was a catalyst in leading a greener lifestyle.

Ray’s dream is to one day open an animal sanctuary and wildlife reserve in memory of her father. Earthlings is Ray’s debut novel and the first book in the Earthlings trilogy.

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