In just over two weeks we’ll be in October and once again that means I’ll be participating in the Inktober challenge! 🙂  For those of you who don’t know, Inktober is an art challenge started by Jake Parker, and encourages everyone to try to draw something every day of October and share you creations with others.  The idea is to help improve your art skills while also just having a good time connecting with other artists both professional and amateur.

Inktober image cat sleeping
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober 2020 prompt ‘Sleep’

There are few rules to Inktober, just to try and draw in ink (you can use pencil underneath first) and create a sketch based on the prompt, or anything else.  The prompts are just a guide, and I’ve seen people with very different ideas for their sketches and even abstract ideas based on the prompts.  And while the idea is to post on the day of the prompt, many artists just post when they can even if they are behind on the prompt list.  Here is the link to the rules on the Inktober website.

My Inktober horse
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober 2019 Prompt: Ride

I’ve taken part in Inktober for two years now (you can see some of my previous creations in this post) and this year will be my third attempt at the challenge.  Every year Inktober has 31 prompts, one for every day of the month, and while I’ve never been able to produce 31 sketches, this year I’m more determined than ever to improve my art skills and enjoy the challenge by doing more.  I’ve been practicing my art skills using the Inktober52 prompt list, here is one of my creations for the prompt ‘Angel’ (I went with an angel cat 😀 ):

Inktober52 angel cat
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober52 2021 prompt ‘Angel’

Although my art skills have been all over the place in the past two years, I do feel like I’m developing a new style I like and have been merging my love of colouring doodles with my art which I feel is a bit of a unique take on some of the prompts but I’m really enjoying it as it’s been quite therapeutic for me to draw too!

Inktober image fish
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober 2020 prompt ‘Fish’

I hope you’ll want to join in with me this year for Inktober 2021.  Even if you just do just one sketch and share it with your pets, it’s still taking part and it would be so great to see more people trying out this wonderful and creative exercise.  Art is so expressive and unique that any style is the right style as long as you enjoy it. 🙂

My Inktober Door
©The Strawberry Post – Inktober2019 prompt: ‘Overgrown’

I’ll be sharing my creations on my Instagram channel @TStrawberyPost and I might sneak some this year on my Twitter too @TStrawberryPost.  So please follow me on there if you’d like to see some of my creations as I post them.  I will however be posting updates with all my pictures on the blog too.  There’s still two weeks to go before the big event but if you’d like to join in, get yourself some paper and some pens(and pencils if you’d like), or a digital pad to draw on (a few people do this these days though I’ll always be a tradtionalist), and why not get started by thinking about what you’d like to draw (I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with practicing some sketches already even though it’s not quite October yet 😉 ).  Here are the prompts for this year:

Inktober 2021 prompt list
The Inktober 2021 prompt list ©

Let me know if you plan to take part and if you do tell me where to find your creations and let’s stay in touch. 🙂

Are you taking part in Inktober this year?  Do you enjoy doing any art, drawing or doodling?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂