Title: Fletcher and the Rainbow
Author: Julia Rawlinson
Illustrator: Tiphanie Beeke
Publisher: Graffeg
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Hardback
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Description:  When Fletcher sees a dazzling rainbow, he is determined to help it shine forever. Guided by his friends, he chases it through the dripping wood… but the rainbow soon starts to fade. When the last scrap of colour is gone, Fletcher feels he has failed – until he realises something wonderful!
Join Fletcher and his friends as they celebrate the glorious colours of autumn in this hopeful and uplifting story of hope.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a lovely and sweet story about a fox desperate to stop a rainbow from disappearing.  After the storm passes, Fletcher sees a rainbow and chases it desperate to not let it disappear.  He visits trees where he thinks the end of the rainbow is, but then it seems to be where Hedgehog is making a bed to sleep for the autumn, then it’s near Goose and a stream.  Fletcher keeps chasing the rainbow but can he get to it in time before it is gone forever?

Fletcher and the Rainbow book page image one
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‘Fletcher and the Rainbow’ is a hardback book about A4 in size and is filled with some lovely thick matt pages of beautiful illustrations and text.  I really love what happens in this story and how Fletcher chases the rainbow desperate to stop it disappearing.  First he visits some birds in a tree but the rainbow is no longer there, later he visits a hedgehog, some rabbits and then a goose at a stream.  Each time he chases the rainbow it seems to be just as far away as it was before.  It isn’t long before the rainbow starts fading with Fetcher desperate to stop it disappearing for good.

Fletcher and the Rainbow book page image two
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I won’t spoil exactly what happens in the story as it has a wonderful ending and a beautiful last double page, but the tale is a lovely and sweet one showing the magic of rainbows and how children can re-create that magic for themselves.  I love what happens at the end with Fletcher and all the colourful things he sees along the way and what everyone ends up doing at the end of the story!   The book is set during the autumn time and I love all the different things that Fletcher encounters along the way from the foliage and fruit to the animals he meets.

The illustrations are so lovely and I couldn’t help but love just looking at this book for the pictures alone.  Fletcher is sweet and I love the little companion he has with him throughout his journey chasing the rainbow.  The pictures do a good job of showing the expressions of Fletcher and the other animals as well as the atmosphere of the weather and the lovely colours of the autumn and the rainbow.  The book boasts a ‘gleaming surprise ending’ on the front cover and this really is lovely with the last double page being especially colourful and having some extras on it that just make something on that page look so special.

Fletcher and the Rainbow book page image three
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This is the first book in the series of Fletcher books that I have read but it’s such a sweet story and one which children will enjoy both for the pictures and the story.  It’s such a lovely story that I’m keen to read more books in the series.  Fletcher is such a lovely character and the story of chasing a rainbow is such a simple one and yet so lovely when you see what happens at the end, and it’s a book I think a lot of children, and adults, will enjoy reading more than once!

What do you think of this book?  Are you or your children fascinated by rainbows?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂