Today I’ve found an interesting and short book tag that’s so fun to do.  It’s called the Emoji book tag and basically you have a look at your phone/tablet, etct. when typing and see the first five emojis you have on there (your most recently used/most popular) and see if you can match a book to the emoji! 😀  I found this tag on Reading, Reading, Reading. If you’d like to do this tag please go ahead and let me know where your answers are (or comment below with you answers) or if you’re on wordpress you can simply put a link to this post and I should get a notification about yours.  Let’s see what emojis we all have used most recently and what books we can find! 🙂

So let’s take a look at these five emojis that I have most recently used and see if they can match any books I’ve read, which by the way I’m also going to concentrate on books from this year (as in most recently read books to keep up with the idea of this tag! 😀 )…

1. So the first emoji is giggling with hand in front of mouth (yes, I’m making up the descriptions!): 🤭

The Lock In by Phoebe Luckhurst is a book with a few funny and embarassing moments for some of the characters.  It’s a brilliant book with Ellen waking up to find the flat she shares with two others in London is flooding.  Desperate to switch off the water and unable to find where to turn it off, Ellen thinks she’ll be able to fix it if she goes to the attic.  Her flatmates soon join her there, including her friend Alexa’s date, who just happens to be someone Ellen thinks she knows.  As the group try to work out how to turn the water off they accidently get themselves stuck in the attic, and so starts a hilarious few hours of them struggling with the awkwardness of not only being trapped but also of Ellen’s predicament of both knowing she knows that guy, but also desperately needing the loo!

There was something so funny about this story, especially as things go from bad to worse and one of the flatmates manages to make their problems known to the world via social media.  I really loved reading this book and would still recommend it as a great story which will keep you turning the pages and smiling too!

2. The second emoji, and I know I use this a LOT, is the smiling grin with eyes closed: 😁

Ok, so I’m going to say that this is a book that really put a smile on my face and it has to be the book I sort of recently read, Heartless Heirs by MarcyKate Connolly.  This is the sequel and conclusion to the duology started with Twin Daggers.  I really loved the first book when I read it, it was so detailed, full of amazing magic and a conflict between the Magi and the Technocrats, people who aren’t magical but love machines.  The story was so engrossing for me and ended in such an amazing way and with something so shocking happening near the end, that I was desperate to read the sequel to see what happened.  Heartless Heirs is the perfect end to the whole story and it just wrapped up everything so well.  The whole story and series in general really put such a smile on my face with what happens, there’s magic, battles, and beautiful romance and it was just a series I won’t forget in a hurry! 😀

3. The third emoji is a strawberry:🍓

Well it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t often use the strawberry emoji would it?  I’m going to choose Edie and the Box of Flits by Kate Wilkinson and Joe Berger for this one.  The reason why I chose this book is that strawberries both look like hearts, so it’s a book that I absolutely loved reading, and also that they are (or should be) sweet, and so I chose this because of the flits, creatures in the story who can’t help but have a love of sweet treats!  Edie finds a box on a tube train and goes with her father to the lost property office where he works.  But once there she discovers some creatures with wings inside the box, called flits.  The flits have lost some of their own family members and Edie vows to help them, but with dangers from both humans and certain birds, it’s not long before Edie and the flits run into trouble.

There’s was something so special about this book, I just loved reading it sooo much!  The cover is gorgeous and the whole story was just a brilliant, magical tale which takes place mainly on the underground in London.  It’s a great book I would recommend to everyone to read, it really will put a smile on your face at the end and I only later discovered, that although this wraps up the story nicely, it’s not the last book of Edie and the flits, there is another coming out in the future!

4. The fourth emoji is the open mouth smile with wide eyes(I think it’s the excited look?): 😃

I feel like I should say a book in a series that’s left me excited for the sequel, but in reality there’s several books that have left me excited for their sequels.  This includes Earthlings by Ray Star, a brilliant fantasy and climate fiction cross over.  It features talking animals inluding loyal dogs and a crazy angry chicken called Alan!  Monster Doughnuts by Gianna Pollero and Sarah Horne, which was such a brilliant and funny book about Grace a monster hunter who along with her sister Danni who manage to hunt and defeat monsters using baked goods.  The story gets really funny with a monster called Mr Harris and it’s just all round very funny and very silly.  Fireborn: Twelve and the Frozen Forest by Aisling Fowler was an interesting and slightly darker children’s fantasy book which I’m so glad I stuck with as it became so brilliant and eerie at the same time.  A lot happens but it was made so interesting by the characters of a Dog, stone dog (who can move and speak) and Widge, a squirrel who was an important character and very funny when he starts chewing Twelve’s hair!  This is just three books but there might be more before the end of the year!

5. The fifth emoji is the questioning monocle emoji: 🧐

This distinctly looks like it deserves a mystery book and what better to choose than a series that’s kept me glued to the pages and is full of mysterious puzzles and riddles.  The Inheritance Games and this year’s sequel The Hawthorne Legacy (review coming next week!) have just been so engrossing to read and I can’t recommend them enough!  There is still one more book in the series to go, but these two books have been brilliant and I can’t wait for book 3!


Well this was a fun tag to do and one which I’d love to return to in future especially when the emojis are completely different. 🙂  If you want to do this tag please do, I’m sure it’ll be fun to see what different books and emojis we come up with.  Don’t forget to tag me or let me know, with a link, where your answers can be found. 🙂

What do you think of this tag?  What emojis are your most used or favourite?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂