Title: The Hawthorne Legacy (The Inheritance Games #2)
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publisher: Penguin
Genre: Tenn/Young adult fiction, Thriller, Mystery
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  One step forward.
Avery thought that solving the riddle left by billionaire tTobias Hawthorne would reveal why he left her – a complete stranger – his entire forturne.

Two steps back.
But as the cryptic clues take an unexpected twist and the handsome and enigmatic Hawthrone grandsons continue to pull her in different directions, Avery can’t help but wonder who she can really trust and who is just looking out for themselves.

What happens when the truth just hides more secrets?
Soon Avery realizes this game is no longer just about money and power.  Now she’s playing for her life.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Oh wow I just don’t know what to say after reading this, it was just sooo good!  After inheriting Tobias Hawthrone’s estate and solving the mystery of why she was chosen as a stranger’s heir to his billions, Avery is still riddled with unsolved puzzles.  Along with the Hawthorne brothers she begins to search for clues to find someone important, but the more she searches, the more questions she discovers about herself and the Hawthorne family.

The Inheritance Games was my favourite book of last year and I’ve been looking forward to reading this book ever since.  Although Avery solved a puzzle left behind by Tobias Hawthorne, it was just a case of misdirection and now a bigger riddle has appeared as she begins searching for clues as to why someone previously thought dead, isn’t.  Just like in the last book there are lots of interesting puzzles for Avery and the boys to discover, clues hidden in invisible ink and secrets discovered in the words left behind.

This book picks up a week after the first one with Avery and Jameson searching for clues to find a missing heir.  I love what happens in this story and how twisty it gets!  As Avery discovers something about the Hawthorne family and also about herself, she has to keep up with the lifestyle of a billionaire, attending a football match in her own private box.  But not long after she discovers that she’s being targeted by someone, but from the inside and the adventure and mystery of being the Hawthorne heir takes on a deadly turn.

The story is so good with so many things happening that there’s never a moment to breathe.  There are so many revelations in this book, some much bigger than in the last book, that I just loved what Avery discovered and what strange twists the plot takes on.  We find out more about the history and family links of the Hawthorne brothers as well as finding out more about Avery’s life and past which I liked.

There’s never a moment I could put this book down and I have to admit to devouring the whole book in just one day!  The book is so fast paced but so thrilling at the same time and I love how I just never could guess what was going to happen in the story!  I like what happens with the characters, especially as we find out more about the different connections that some of the characters have as well as the constant romantic tension Avery has with both Jameson and Grayson.

The ending is a really good one and one which I’ll be honest wrapped everything up so well that it felt like a good finish to the whole story already.  However I know there will be a book three (which I only recently realised) so I’m excited for that as I couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed in finishing this when I thought that this was it as I just didn’t want the adventure and mystery to end!   The ending is dramatic and exciting and I like what happens right at the end, especially when Avery finally finds out the truth about someone.  The book was just so good and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the concluding book next year!

I’d really recommend this book to anyone who loves fast paced thrillers, and especially if you enjoy puzzles and riddles.  There are lots of interesting and surprising moments and it’s just the perfect sequel to the first book, although if you do want to read the series, I’d advise starting with book one first! 🙂

What do you think of this book?  Have you read The Inheritance Games?  Do you like thrillers and mysteries?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂