Today I’m excited to show you more books that came through the post three weeks ago or so (wow this is a late book haul post!).  Today’s books come from the lovely people at Andersen Press and include a fun children’s picture book and non-fiction reading book which looks like one that every teen should probably read!  Let’s take a look at these two books which I’ve photographed separately for convenience.  The first book is a picture book featuring a character who I’ve already met in a previous book (descriptions are from an email I got and are brief)…

October book haul Andersen Press picture book close up
©The Strawberry Post

Luna Loves Dance by Joseph Coelho & Fiona Lumbers – When Luna dances, she feels like the world’s volume turns up and the colours brighten. But when she falls in her dance exam, she thinks she can’t be a real dancer. Can Luna’s family convince her otherwise?

And now onto the non-fiction book…

October book haul Andersen Press reading book close up
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Know Your Rights and Claim Them by Amnesty International, Angelina Jolie & Geraldine Van Bueren – If you are aged under 18 you have your own set of human rights. Know Your Rights introduces these rights and why they matter in the real world, and empowers the reader with the knowledge and tools to claim them.


Just a couple of books but I’m excited to see what happens with Luna and I can’t help but be excited by the non-fiction book as I really did need a book like this when I was younger, I’m hoping it’s an interesting and empowering read! 🙂  Reviews will appear as soon as I can get them done and I might start posting on some weekends with so many books coming up too so let’s see what’ll happen soon!

What do you think of these books?  What books are you reading right now?  Would you like to see me posting 6 or 7 days a week again (at least in the run up to Chirstmas)?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂