Have you ever lived in a house that just didn’t feel quite right?  Where strange noises sound?  Where you seem to misplace things?  Where areas just feel wrong, and spooky things seem to happen?  Well, in my lifetime of living in a few different homes, I seem to have always attracted some spooky and weird things.  One of my old childhood homes, as well as the house I live in now have been host to quite a few weird activites in the past.  But are these weird occurances caused by strange engergies, hauntings or something else?

Crocodile nightmares

From my earliest memories of the house I lived in since the age of about four I remember having some spooky encounters of the reptilian kind.  I had never dreamt of anything reptile ever before this, and then when we moved to this new home I ended up having relentless repeating dreams of crocodiles.  In my dreams these reptiles would always be in the back garden, in some small pond-like body of water.  No one else seemed to see them but me, looking out of a back bedroom window of the house, and I’d always see one of them making its way from the water and into the house!  It would go through the kitchen and into the hallway before climbing the staircase, and finally ending up half way up the stairs on in my bedroom, eating me legs first with only my chest and head remaining! Sometimes I’d be running away from the crocodile as it chased me up the stairs, and sometimes I’d feel the teeth biting into my torso, but either way the nightmares were so disturbing that it took me a long time to feel calm after I had woken up.

More reptile madness

Perhaps it was connected to those dreams, but for a while after moving to the new house I would be terrified of a certain area of one of the bedrooms at night.  We used to keep the doors half open in our house when the rooms were not in use, and one of the bedrooms had a bed right near the door.  It sat almost opposite the bathroom and I was simply terrified of what lay beneath that bed at night.  I could see under the bed during the day, but when night fell and the room was dark, lit only by the hallway light, it was hard to see what was under the bed and I was so scared of some kind of reptile being, that I was convinced was lying in wait under the bed, waiting to kill or eat me!

For some reason I always believed that the reptile thing, probably a crocodile, would attack me only if I was upstairs alone after dark, and the fear was so genuine that every time I had to go upstairs to the toilet, I would run past the room into the toilet, and then hide in the toilet for far longer than I needed to and had to build up the courage and energy to run out of the room to go back down again.  I would literally psych myself up, knowing I’d be killed if I was too slow, and eventually I’d unlock the bathroom door and run as fast down the hallway and stairs as I could.  The fear of the creature and the nightmares of crocodiles only finally stopped when someone moved the bed and cleared the room for another use.  Was it just a childhood fear or was there really something attached to the house or that bed there?🐊😱

The cigarette smoker

There was an area in my childhood bedroom, one corner of that room that always seemed to have some sort of freaky energy in it.  When I was older the room that became my bedroom was swapped from where I had been sleeping when we had moved in, and the room which held that old ‘reptile’ bed became my new bedroom.  The old bed had been moved a while before it became my room and I no longer feared the presence of that ‘reptile’ creature, putting it down to my silly overactive imagination.  But the same spot that had held that bed and ‘creature’ now held some other strange energy.

Throughout the years there would be days when there was a strong smell of cigarette smoke in the same corner as that bed used to stand.  My family never smoked and neither did my neighbours.  The smoke smell would occur only in a particular corner of the room and usually when the windows were closed.  I know it wasn’t a smoke smell that could have come from any other vents or anything because every time it occured we checked them all (me being allergic to cigarette smoke), but still the smell came back again and again, and only ever lingering in that one place.

The electricity monster

The cigarette smoke smell which continued to haunt the room for years, only finally diappeared when I got a computer and the room was rearranged with the computer sitting in the corner of the room where the cigarette smoke and ‘reptile’ creature had once been.  I was now a teenager and wasn’t so worried about ghosts or phantom things in my room as I was too engrossed in my new computer and being all obssessed and geeky about gaming.  But the corner of the room continued to be haunted by some strange energy, this time by some kind of electrical monster.  Though my computer was safely plugged into extensions that kept it from short circuiting and blowing up, the electric port itself started having weird problems and a whole host of otehr things started happening.

My computer was prone to failing as it shut down unexpectedly and repeatedly.  I checked it, even sent it off for support over the years but they found no faults, even replacing parts.  I suffered monitor problems, flickering lines on screen, both on CRT and later LCD monitors, even on brand new ones.  I went through countless cables and had to replace parts inside the computer at a faster than normal rate.  There was nothing visibly wrong with the computer though, and this stuff stopped happening later on when it was moved to a different area of the house.

But before we moved it, by far the biggest and scariest thing was the often occuring problem of the electricity at the main switch.  Before I moved the computer into that part of my room there was a regular working socket and switch you could turn on and off, but after the computer was there and I was spending more time in that corner of the room, I just couldn’t ever turn the switch off.  It’s like the switch was stuck to ‘on’ and it just wouldn’t budge.  This happened over and over, sometimes stopping and allowing me to turn the switch off at the socket, which I preferred to do when going out or at night, and sometimes just staying stuck to on, it let me push the switch to the ‘off’ setting but wouldn’t click to of instead just staying on.  I even once suffered a mild electrical attack when I got burnt slightly in trying to shut it down one day.


Things in the house in general and especially that corner of my room continued to be weird.  I had several instances where things were moved around.  One particular day I remember coming back to my room and finding discs and solid portable hard drives, which I know I had left in the PC before shutting it down, just sitting open on my desk.  It wasn’t a case of forgetting I’d left them there, I never leave anything but the computer keyboard and mouse on my desk before leaving, and yet it looked as if someone had decided to sit down and rifle through all my discs and drives on my desk and just leave it all there for me to clean up.

Other items in the house went continually missing, from small things that everyone sometimes feels they lose, like socks and spoons to significant amounts of paper money and even ornaments and books that seemed to disappear into the ether after being placed on shelves or the fireplace.  What seemed more freaky was the objects that disappered and then reappeared days or weeks later, like a precious coin collection I always had of old coins that I liked to collect (I still do!).  I kept it in an unassuming box though, a reused small cardboard box, and one day someone threw it out during a spring clean.  They didn’t know the significance of the box (they thought it was just an old food container) when they threw it out and were mortified when I told them what was really inside but I checked (the whole family checked) and doubled checked the whole house to make sure it hadn’t been misplaced, but no it was completely gone, out with the rubbish, which by then had been taken away by the bin men.

I remember spending about two months crying as this whole collection of coins from Victorian ones to medieval replicas, and even a whole bunch of foreign ones, and now out of date UK coins, were all gone and even though it was my fault a little for keeping them in an old recycled box, I still felt so upset as it was a collection I’d had since about the age of six!   However on one very average day about two months later, I woke up to see the box on my bookshelf.  It was just standing there like it had never been gone and it was filled with all the coins I had lost.  I checked and checked with everyone who was just as surprised as I ws when it showed up.  It wasn’t a practical joke or a mistake, the box really had been thrown away, but to this day nobody knows how they it reappeared, but it just did!

Dark shapes and sounds stalking

Ever feel like someone is following you or watching you?  Well in my new home where I live now, I’m convinced it holds some more freaky haulting energy as I find myself constantly stalked by strange shadows and sounds.  The house is not too old, built within the last century, but a lot of strange things keep happening here.  Strange dark shapes seem to appear in the corners of my eyes all the time, swarming forwards but darting away the moment I look straight at them.  It’s not floaters or tiredness or anything like that, we’re talking about whole huge shadows looking like cloaked people who disappear when you look right at them but who otherwise stalk my nights in this house.

In one of the most weirdest moments to date, only last week, I found myself looking down the staircase, about to go downstairs, and saw a shape, not in my peripheral vision this time but straight in front of me, a shape which I can only describe as a human sized rat with a pointed snout, peering around the corner, up the stairs before spotting, I assume, me, and suddenly darting away.  The movements of this ‘rat’ creature were not like a natural thing moving back and forth with the wind, it wasn’t something that slipped slowly in and out of my vision, it was something that looked like it  creeped slowly around the corner, saw me and then darted away, the same way a human would if they’re hiding behind a wall and suddenly worried that they’ve been spotted.  It was so  freaky weird and scary that I spent ten minutes gathering the courage to go down the stairs.  Luckily it was gone, but wat the heck was it?😱

Strange sounds also plague this place, with voices constantly talking, no it’s not the neighbours, I know the sound they make and it’s a different kind of sound, it sounds like it’s inside my house right next to me.  When there aren’t voices making strange conversations, there are strange sounds of steps and creaking floorboards which usually occur when I’m not walking anywhere in the house.  I often find myself hearing someone else walking up the stairs only minutes after I have, with one particular instance where I walked up the stairs only to hear another set of footsteps and creaking floorboards right behind me, as if someone was behind me but they were not.  And this only felt more spooky when seconds later I saw a dark cloaked shadow coming up from behind me on the stairs!😱

More haunted fun

The poltergeist activity has moved up a level in my new house.  I now regularly find items seem to be thrown off counters and shelves right when I’ve walked past them.  Most recently I’ve had a pen hit me in the back when flying off a table, and my phone which was safely placed on a kitchen counter top, and which is heavy in it’s rubbery type cover (which also makes it impossible to slide or slip off any surface easily), literally fly off the counter where I left it and land on the floor right behind me as I was turning away from it.  Luckily the cover had protected the screen or it would have been shattered with the force of the impact, but I hate to think what could have created the force to move the phone in the first place.

I am still plagued by electrical problems in my new home too, with lots of our lights constantly breaking and power going out on certain floors of the house periodically, which is remedied at the fuse box.  Calling electricians leads to nothing as they do inspections and find nothing’s wrong with the electrics, it’s just something that keeps happening, with many of the lights often breaking when I’m right below them.

And by far the freakiest occurance to happen to date and maybe a sign of the matrix failing, is a stopcock which just disappeared one day.  The stopcock, which controls the mains water to your house, was located in a stupid place when this house was built.  When we had to have a boiler changed (oh yes, that also broke since I started living here too!) the gas man doing the fitting decided to add a new stopcock closer to the boiler so that it would be easier to reach (the old one literally needed you to destroy a corner cupboard to get to it!).  This tap was a shiny new tap I would see everyday when I was in the kitchen, and I used look at it all the time with a bit of awe as the old one was in such a stupid place that one of the kitchen cupboards had to be torn underneath to reach it.  However one evening when a kitchen tap broke (yes another thing breaking) we rushed to the stopcock to try and stop the flow of water before calling a plumber.  But my nice new shiny tap, which took a lot of extra time for the plumber to install, was gone!  It literally seems to have vanished.  It isn’t there to this day and I don’t know how it disappered but it just did!😱

What is happening?

I’ve always believed in the paranormal and also into psychic things, and that maybe some of the problems like the electrical disturbances could be caused by our own psychic energies.  But a lot of the more freaky things like the reptilian creature I feared, or the smoke, shadows and poltergeist activities, make me wonder if all these places I’ve lived in aren’t a little bit haunted.  Are these events caused by some otherworldly creatures?  Is there strange energy in the houses I’ve lived in?  Could it be a failing of the matrix simulation we’re living in?  I don’t know, but I can tell you I’m not sure I’m looking forward to this evening’s (Halloween) strange happenings here!😱👻🎃

Have you ever experienced any strange paranormal activity in your home?  Do you believe in ghosts or otherworldly beings?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂