More lovely books have dropped through my letterbox recently, or in this case were passed to me by the postman when I opened the door as they are too big to fit in the letter box.  I just love the picture books that come through my door, especially from the lovely people at Graffeg who have so many interesting and entertaining titles for young children.  Two more have recently arrived and I wanted to show them to you as I’m getting ready to post more reviews on this blog in the weeks coming up to Christmas, and maybe even posting on the weekends like I did this last weekend and so these reviews would be coming out sooner than usual, hopefully.  Anyway, let’s take a look at what came in the post this time, one book at a time…

November book haul Graffeg close up of George the Wombat
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George the Wombat: A Potty Companion by Eva Papoušková & Galina Mikilinová – A tender, humorous picture book helping to introduce potty training to young children through the character of George the Wombat. George wants to play, but Mummy Wombat tells him he has to use the potty before he leaves. George is finding it very difficult until he gets some advice from his friends and Papa Wombat and he is finally successful!
Originally published in Czech, this book has been expertly translated by Alexandra Büchler.


November book haul Graffeg close up of Rita Wants a Robot
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Rita wants a Robot by Márie Zepf & Mr Ando – Meet Rita. Rita has a messy bedroom and wishes for a robot that could tidy her bedroom for her. But after thinking about how much chaos a super-sorting robot could make, especially at dinnertimes and Christmas, Rita decides she is much better at sorting.


I can’t wait to read these and share my thoughts with you, I’ve already read the first book in the ‘Rita Wants’ series (Rita Wants A Witch) and it was lovely so I’m looking forward to this, and George the Wombat looks like such a fun read and great book for kids who need to learn to use the potty!  Reviews will appear on the blog as soon as I can get them done which should be soonish, so please do look out for those. 🙂

What do you think of these picture books?  Are there any picture books you or your children like reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂