At the end of last week I received a hardback book through the post which I’m so excited to read.  This is for a blog tour that’s beginning today!  The tour was supposed to be starting on Monday but the whole tour was moved about a bit as people didn’t get the physical copies of the books until just last week.  I won’t be reviewing the book for the tour as I just won’t finish it in time (though I will be sharing a review in the near future), so instead I will be sharing an extract of the book so I hope you’ll want to check that out on the 15th.  This beautiful hardback is the third part in the Rise of Emperors series and sounds so interesting I can’t wait to read! 🙂 …

November book haul Aries close up of book
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Gods of Rome by Gordon Doherty & Simon Turney – For one to rule, the other must die.
312 AD is a year of horrific and brutal warfare. Constantine’s northern army is a small force, plagued by religious rivalries, but seemingly unstoppable as they invade Maxentius’ Italian heartlands. These relentless clashes, incidents of treachery and twists of fortune see Maxentius’ armies driven back to Rome.
Constantine has his prize in sight, yet his army is diminished and on the verge of revolt. Maxentius meanwhile works to calm a restive and dissenting Roman populace. When the two forces clash in the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, there are factors at work beyond their control and soon they are left with carnage.
There is only one way Constantine and Maxentius’ rivalry will end. With one on a bloodied sword and the other the sole ruler of Rome . . .

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Below is the blog tour banner and as you can see the tour starts today! 😀  Please do check out all of the stops on the tour and do look out for my stop on the 15th for an exciting extract of the book! 🙂

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Do you like historical fiction?  Have you read any of the Rise of Emperors series yet?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂