today I’m excited to welcome you to my stop on the blog tour for Baby It’s Cold Outside a wonderful haeart warming romance that’s just perfect for this time of year! 🙂  You can read more about why I enjoyed this book so much in my review below, but first I’d just like to thank Kallie from Michael Joseph for a chance to be on this tour as well as for a copy of the book.  Don’t forget to see the other stops on the tour, and now let’s find out why I really like this novel 🙂 …

Title: Baby It’s Cold Outside
Author: Emily Bell
Publisher: Michael Joseph (Penguin)
Genre: Romance
Book format: Pre-publication proof copy of paperback
Sweet Strawberries:  Sweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet Strawberry

Description: As Norah battles through the bustling December crowds, she hears the notes of a song that transports her back to the most romantic week of her life.
After meeting on a blissful holiday, but knowing they had to part, a boy named Andrew made her a promise:
If they are both single on Christmas Eve in ten years’ time, they will meet under the clock on Grafton Street, Dublin.
Norah has no idea if he will remember, but she has nothing to lose.
So, hoping for a Christmas miracle, she heads to Dublin. To that clock. And, maybe, to Andrew.
But it wouldn’t be Christmas without a few surprises . . .

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a lovely and heart-warming romance and just perfect for this time of year!  Ten years ago Norah met a wonderful man, Andrew, on holiday who she fell for.  But after work circumstances got in the way the two lost contact.  But Andrew made a promise back then, that if life got in the way, then he would meet her under the clock outside Bewley’s cafe in Dublin on Christmas Eve.  Ten years on and Norah’s mum decides to cancel their Christmas plans for a last minute retreat.  At a lose end Norah finds herself thinking of Andrew and the promise he made.  Soon she decides to do head to Dublin, in the hopes of meeting him.  But arriving in Ireland things get complicated and Norah wonders if Andrew will ever turn up to see her.

This is such an amazing read, I loved this story so much and from the first pages I was hooked!   I liked Norah’s character from the start.  She felt so relatable and I liked how this story develops as she makes a spontaneous decision and decides to head to Dublin for Christmas Eve.  Getting her friend Joe to come along makes the whole story more interesting and I love how this tale unfolded giving us both a story of what was happening in these last days before Christmas Eve, as well as some flashbacks to Norah’s past.

During these flashbacks we get to know more about how she met Andrew and why Norah feels so strongly about him.  I love how the romance developed between the two and how Norah’s past affects how Norah feels and acts now.  The story is actually set in 2019 (pre-pandemic), and the whole tale is just so interesting and engrossing as we get to know more about Norah, and see Dublin form her perspective.  I love her friend, Joe’s character throughout, who helps to add some humour and sense to Norah’s adventure.  I like how close these two are as friends and how things end up for all the characters we meet by the end of the story.

There’s very few uses of the s word and nothing else upsetting in this story.  I won’t go into details of what happens throughout, but this book is just so perfect and has the most wonderful ending.  For romance stories that often feel a bit predictable to me, this one surprisingly wasn’t so predictable and I just love what happens with everyone.  The writing is so good that from the start I was just engrossed in the story, and I really felt I was swept into this love story with an ending that felt just perfect.  After reading this book I’m just smiling so much!

This is a wonderful romantic story for wintertime and especially in our times now with the recent events that have happened, it’s like the perfect story and escape that will make your heart smile so much after reading it!  I would definitely recommend it to everyone who loves a good romantic tale especially with the added setting of Dublin in the winter time, which I loved reading about and which was so wonderfully described it’s made me want to visit the places in the book too!  It’s just the perfect Christmas holiday romance and one which I know I’ll be re-reading again. 🙂

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