Game: Six Second Scribbles
Brand/manufacturer: Gamely
Ages: 8+
Players: 2-8
Time to play: 15 minutes+

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Description: Everyone plays at once in this fast-paced party game!  You all have ONE minute to draw up to TEN things from your card.  But not every doodle will do!  To win points, your friends and family must be able to guess WHAT you drew.
Whether you fancy yourself as an artist or can’t draw at all, Six Second Scribles guarantees laughter, frenzy and some very questionable art!

*Free copy provided by Gamely for review…

Review:  This is such a hilarious game that made me laugh so much that I got the hiccups!🤣  ‘Six Second Scribbles’ is a fun and easy to play drawing game where everyone has to scribble down ten different things in just 60 seconds, which is six seconds for each item.  The rules are very simple and this really is such a fun game to play and made my own family descend into fits of giggles as we tried to see and guess what on earth it was each other had drawn! 🙂

Six Second Scribbles feature image
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The game comes in a small box and inside you get the instructions, a small drawing pad, eight pencils (in their own box) and 110 cards with drawing prompts.  There are three sets of cards, easy, tricky and almost impossible.  Each card has a category on the top such as fruits, insects, things beginning with C, etc.  And underneath the category are ten items that belong to the category like banana, apple, etc for the fruit card.  These ten items are the things you will have one minutes to draw.  The instructions are very easy to read and I was playing this game with my family within a few minutes of reading them.

Six Second Scribbles box contents
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There are rules for playing with 3-8 players and another set of rules for 2 players although the way you play the game is the same and these rules only affect how you collect points.   The game is played in three rounds.  In each round each person is given a pencil and a piece of paper from the drawing pad, or whatever paper you have lying around where you are.  Each person is also dealt a card from the pile (you can decide whether you’re going to try to draw easy, tricky or almost impossible pictures for each round).  Don’t show this card to anyone but yourself.

Six Second Scribbles pencils and paper pad
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A timer is set and when you start, everyone takes their card looks at the prompts and rushes to draw them right away.  The game is so simple with everyone attempting to draw all ten items on their card within one minute.  There’s no timer included in the box, instead you set a minute timer on your phone.  And then spend the next crazy sixty seconds trying to draw everything on your card, only having six seconds per item to draw, and at the same time trying to make everything still look like whatever it is supposed to be, and not just a jumbled squiggle!

Six Second Scribbles cards
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Drawing ten things in sixty seconds is surprisingly hard, especially as my mind just goes blank on what everything looks like the minutes the timer starts, lol.😂  This game had my whole family laughing a little while drawing, but once we’d finished our drawings it became a giggle-fest in my living room!  Even though I’m usually quite good at doodling and drawing, the pressure of having only six seconds to produce something that looks like it’s supposed to, obviously makes even the best of artists quite terrible at sketching (or maybe it’s just me😅)!

Six Second Scribbles Easy cards
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Once the minute is over the scoring begins.  You don’t get points for simply managing to draw all ten items on your card, you only get points if someone else can guess what you’ve drawn, hence the need to draw fast but also clearly.  When the minute of drawing is over everyone hands their piece of paper to someone else.  That person then has to guess all of the items on your paper.  They should know the category of the items before you start (you should write the category on the top of your paper before handing it over), although I found it even more hilarious when we didn’t share what category the items were from and some of us were left completely stumped as to what anything on the paper was.

Six Second Scribbles Tricky cards
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People then take it in turns to read aloud guesses and for the artist of each paper to say whether they are correct or not.  For each correct guess both the drawer and the guesser receive a point and then another round is played, next time with a different person guessing what the pictures are on your sheet of paper.  For a two player game you play together trying to score as many points as possible by both drawing and guessing, although when I tried this with my family we altered the rules to make it so that we only got a point when the other person could guess correctly what we had drawn (with no points given to the guesser in this style of game).  It made for a more fun and competitive two player game.

Six Second Scribbles Almost impossible cards
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For every item guessed correctly a point is scored and then you can continue playing this game for three rounds, although again we altered this to make it as many rounds as we wanted (as we always felt like drawing more!).  The rules are so easy to understand and follow but you are encouraged to make them flexible to suit whichever way you want to play, such as giving people more time with the almost-impossible cards, giving more than one person a chance to guess what you drew, or like I have already explained, the ways in which we adapted this game for ourselves.  I like how simple the instructions are and how easy it is to get into playing this game after just a few minutes of reading them.  It was fun to play it our own way too and I just love how many hours of fun we’ve had with this game already, and I still don’t think we’ve used all of the cards.

Six Second Scribbles Drawings pencil and card - things beginning with C
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This game is just so fun!  I have to say I really recommend this to everyone as it’s such a simple game and yet you can have hours of fun playing it again and again as every doodle you draw will always be different!   Drawing a few doodles shouldn’t seem so fun, but having such a time limit of about six seconds a doodle just makes it all the more interesting and silly and I still struggle to draw every item on the cards!

Six Second Scribbles Drawings and card - things that are black or white
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The easy cards are definitely the easiest to do (obviously) but when you go to tricky or almost-impossible the things you have to draw seem so hard, like famous paintings, moments in history and Olympic sports (how on earth do you draw the the Birth of Dolly the sheep?!).  I’ve had so much fun with this game, the doodles you come up with are always so hilarious and like the box advertises, it’s definitely some ‘questionable art!’.  The fact you get free pencils and pad also helps if you want to take the game with you somewhere, but I also found it great to find any odd paper lying around at home to draw on to give us a bit more space to draw our ridiculous and silly doodles.

Six Second Scribbles Easy drawings and card - things in space
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The only problem I have with this game is that I would have preferred some kind of timer to be included like an old fashioned mini egg timer which I’ve seen in games of the past.  While there’s nothing wrong with setting the phone timer, I’m a bit old-fashioned and would have loved having a timer we could all place in the centre of the group (and maybe panic about seeing as it run out) as we try to draw in so little time.  But apart from that there really is nothing bad I can say about this game.  The whole game box and cards are of a good quality and the game is just so funny!   I actually got the hiccups from laughing so much the first time we played and there were frequent bouts of so many giggles among the family that I think we spent more time laughing at each others pictures, and our own, than we did actually drawing them!

Six Second Scribbles Drawings and card - prehistoric animals
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The pictures of some doodles in this review are the ones I tried to do, my family are too embarassed to show off theirs, but as you can see from my attempts this is indeed some very questionable art (especially the prehistoric animals above🤦‍♀️😂) and so much fun!  This really is a great game to play with friends and family both at Christmas and any time of the year, and it’s a game for all ages and one that I’m sure children will love too. 🙂

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