Title: Rita Wants a Robot
Author: Márie Zepf
Illustrator: Andrew Whitson/Mr Ando
Publisher: Graffeg
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Paperback
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Description: Meet Rita.  She’s a little girl with very big ideas.  Rita’s bedroom is a mess.  If only she had a super-sorting robot to tidy up for her.  That would be fun…wouldn’t it?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  I really love this latest adventure in the ‘Rita Wants’ series.  Rita is messy and she wants a robot that can tidy things up, but what if the robot does too good a job of tidying, does Rita really want a robot after all?  ‘Rita Wants a Robot’  is a little wider than A4 in size and the paperback has thick matt pages filled with colourful illustrations and text.

Rita wants a Robot book page image one
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After reading ‘Rita Wants a Witch’ I was keen to see what would happen in the next book, and this one doesn’t disappoint, feeling like an even better and funnier story than the first.  At first we see Rita in her bedroom which is very messy.  Rita then thinks about what fun it would be to have a robot that could help tidy up all of her mess.  After that we see lots of different scenarios of where Rita is messy, such as while baking, and how the robot helps to tidy everything up.  But the more Rita thinks about it, the more she realises that the robot might just be too tidy, and she starts to think that it might not be a good idea after all.  I just love how simple the story is and how funny it gets with the robot literally tidying everything away into neat piles, even things that are supposed to be a bit messy.

The story is so simple and fun but the illustrations just helped to bring this tale to life so much more and I have to say I love these illustrations even more than the ones in ‘Rita Wants a Witch’.  Unlike the previous book which just had illustrations, in this one there is a mixture of illustrations of Rita, the robot and various things, but also certain parts of the pictures look like photographs of real life objects such as the flowers and cupcakes.  I love this interesting mix of real photos and illustrations.  It works really well and really brings the story to life as you see just how crazy the overly-tidy robot can become and just what sort of funny ways it ends up tidying everything.  The characters all look fun too and I love how expressive and annoyed Rita gets at some point.

Rita wants a Robot book page image two
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This book is so funny and I’d recommend it to everyone as it really is one that will make you smile and laugh and one which I’m sure kids would love to look at again and again.  There is a Christmas scene in it too which would make it a perfect gift for Christmastime although I think a book like this can be read at any time of year.  I am really looking forward to more in the ‘Rita Wants’ series, this one is just so good!

What do you think of this book?  Would you want a robot to help you tidy up?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂