I ws recently tagged by Danni from _ForBooksSake to do this tag (thank you! 😀 ).  It’s quite a quick tag and there are a few short questions that you have to give sets of three answers.  I’ve not done this tag yet so thought it would be fun to add it to the many I’ve already had fun doing. 🙂  If you’d like to do this tag then go ahead, I don’t tend to tag people as I never know who wants to do them but feel free if you like to, just don’t forget to add a link to this post if you do, and let me know where your answers are so I can read and we can compare. 🙂

Okay, now onto the questions which ask for three sets of answers.  Any links lead to my reviews if you want to check them out for more about the books…

Three read once authors and loved

  1. Neal Shusterman – I first read Scythe and just loved it, and after that every book by him seems to be a win for me!
  2. Suzanne Rogerson – My first experience of her work was Visions of Zarua a dual timeline fantasy and it was amazing!  It’s become one of my favourite books ever and I’ve loved all her work since!
  3. Matthew Harffy – I first read A Time for Swords for a blog tour and instantly loved it, something about it really got into my head despite some of the more gory scenes of battle.  I was offered the chance to go on a tour again with a different book of his, one that is already far into a series, but I instantly found myself captured again and I just think I’m going to love everything he writes! 🙂

Three titles I’ve watched but haven’t read

  1. Harry Potter – I’ve watched the whole series of movies now several times, but still have yet to read one book!
  2. Pride and Prejudice – I absolutely adored watching the 1995 BBC television series of the novel (the one with Colin Firth as Darcy), and I still have the double video tape of it which I’ve watched more than once 🙂 (ah, the nostalgia and difficulties of the time before DVDs and streaming😅).  I now own a copy of the classic but haven’t sat down to read it yet, as well as a re-telling for teens which I plan on reading soon.  I technically have read Pugs and Prejudice but I don’t think it really counts.
  3. Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne – I havne’t ever read this yet, but I have watched the 1956 movie starring David Niven more than a few times growing up.  My first experience of the story was actually the cartoon series Around the World with Willy Fog (anyone remember that?  I was so young that I don’t remember that much unfortunately?) and I’ve also seen the 2004 movie with Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan again and again.  I really should read the book now, especially as I know the balloon scene is technically not a part of the original story, is it?

Three characters you love

  1. Uriel from The Book of Uriel.  I only read this book quite recently on a blog tour for The Write Reads but oh my, what an emotional connection I had with the little mute Jewish boy who sees angels and is trying to help free the archangel Michael who has been captured, all during the Nazi invasion and occupation of Poland.  I won’t explain what happens as it’s best to read it, but this boy and the story made me so emotional at the end!
  2. Doug from Pug Actually is such a funny character.  Who doesn’t love a story told from the point of view of a pet dog?  It’s not the first story that I’ve read with a dog as the main narrator that I’ve loved (The Christmas Guest by Daisy Bell is just sooo sweet!) but it’s one from this year and I just loved how funny this book was and the way Doug acts and thinks throughout.
  3. Samuel Locke from A Clockwork River by J. S. Emery.  Although I love so many of the characters in this epic hydropunk fantasy novel, there’s something about Sam’s character that was so funny to read.  I love how silly the situations were that he got into and his responses to things that happened just made for a very funny character to read.

Three series binged

  1. The Lady Helen series by Alison Goodman.  Starting with the first book The Dark Days Club, I just adored this series soooo much!  It really is a sort of Pride and Prejudice meets Buffy the Vampire slayer as the author describes it, and I just loved how immersed I was in the whole series.
  2. Arc of a Sycythe by Neal Shusterman.  The trilogy starts with Scythe and there’s something so compelling about this weird dystopian sci-fi futuristic world were people no longer die and certain figures called scythes are there to glean, or kill, some people to keep the population numbers steady.  I just loved all three books, where the story goes and how it opens up so many ideas on what could happen in a strange future.
  3. Julius Zebra by Gary Northfield is so hilarious.  I read the books slightly out of order but they are all funny starting with Julius Zebra: Rumble with the Romans.  Filled with illustrations and text which are both so funny I just love Julius’s adventures in Ancient Rome, Britain, Egypt and Greece.  There’s just something so brilliant about the humour in these books (I seriouly laugh every time the characters say ‘holibobs’ – I know what’s wrong with me!?) and the fact there’s additional history info added into each book too, it’s just such a funny series.

Three favourite covers

It’s so hard to pick only three, I know I have more than just three favourite covers so I decided to do three favourite covers from this year instead:

1. Heartless Heirs by MarcyKate Connolly is just so beautiful!😍  The cover apparently features embossing and shiny foil bits.  I haven’t seen it personally having only read the digital version, but it’s something I’m planning on buying because, it’s just so gorgeous!

Heartless Heirs book cover


2. Edie and the Box of Flits by Kate Wilkinson & Joe Berger.  You can’t quite see it on the image below but there is such lovely embossing and sparkly golden bits throughout the cover.  It’s just so lovely and made me fall in love with it the moment I saw it.  If you do want to see the shiny bits of this cover scroll down in this post here.

Edie and the Box of Flits book cover


3. Gustavo the Shy Ghost by Flavia Z. Drago.  Honestly, who can resist that smile? 🙂  This cover with it’s colours and embossing and that sweet smiling Gustavo just made me fall in love with the character and book right away!

Gustavo the Shy Ghost book cover

Three goals for this year

Well considering how close it is to the end of the year I’m not going to do goals for this year otherwise I’d have to think very small, lol!  So these are my goals for 2022!

  1. Be kinder to myelf.  This might seem weird but I’ve always been so hard on myself being a bit of a perfectionist.  I especially found it so hard to cope and be happy with myself when my health started to deteriorate and I couldn’t do simple things without chronic pain everyday.  This has, in the last month or so, vastly improved with a lot of the pain subsiding but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I stopped trying to control things and stopped being annoyed at myself so much.  Somehow the pain has lessened the more I’ve laughed and enjoyed life, even though I have fallen behind in things like reading.  Being kind to myself is helping me feel better and do more and so I want to be even kinder to myself and remember to be so even if things become difficult.
  2. Get on top of my tbr (to be read) pile.  As I’ve mentioned before I’ve fallen behind a little with these books, and yes I’m probably still accepting too many, but I have started to make a dent in the stack of books that piled up over the spring and summer when I was badly affected by the death of my gramdma, and I would love to no longer have so many books on my pile and go back to the much smaller collection I had before this year.
  3. Write more non-book blog posts.  This one has been a goal for a while and I want to get into the flow of writing more non-book related content as my blog has swung heavily into just books lately.  That’s partly as I’m just trying to catch up and partly because every time I get on my laptop I’ve got fuzzy brain issues and keep forgetting what I want to write or am just unable to get the words out.  Of course that’s when I do have time to get online which lately I’ve had very little.  This is a big goal as I want to start writing up more poetry again but more importantly I want to write up the articles and fun posts which have been drats of ideas waiting for a months in my notebook.  I realise these goals all sound similar to ones I mentioned back in September (I think it was September) but that’s because they are still my goals that I haven’t yet fully achieved, plus I don’t want to be too harsh to myself and set myself a goal I can’t achieve. 🙂


So I hope you enjoyed this fun little book tag. 🙂  Wow I do write a lot don’t I?  It was supposed to be a quick tag, but oh well, lol!😅  I do hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my bookish life a bit more.  Do please do this tag if you like it, and if you do that, don’t forget to let me know where you answers are.  Or alternatively let me know in the comments if you have any bookish things you’d like to share. 🙂

What do you think of my answers?  What would your answers to these questions be?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂