Title: Where’s Wally? Santa Spotlight Search by Martin Handford
Author: Martin Handford
Illustrator: Martin Handford
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s activity book, Puzzle
Book format: Hardback
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Decription:  HO-HO-HO!  Find me, my friends and hundreds of jolly santas for festive fun!  We’re bustling about but it’s so dark!  Luckliy there’s a spotlight searcher, just slide it into the side of each page to begin the search.
It’s jingle bells all the way!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a fun Where’s Wally book and just perfect for Christmas! ‘Where’s Wally? Santa Spotlight Search’ is a bit bigger and wider than A4 in size and is a hardback book filled with several double pages of colourful illustrations and text. The book is like a regular Where’s Wally book but with a new twist that you have to find Wally and his friends (and various other things) by searching some darkened scenes using a torch!

Where's Wally Santa Spotlight Search book page image one
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The book comes with a ‘torch’ made of card attached to the front inside cover. There are six double pages of scenes to search as well as a further double page with the torch on one side and the introduction to the book on the other. The book is clever and like the other spotlight search books before it, its pages are made of card with the left hand side of each double page containing some images and instructions of things to find or do, while on the right hand side there is a scene to search which is darkened in a way you cannot clearly see what is there at first glance. This right hand page is actually made of a dark card underneath with acetate on top of it, the acetate containing the Where’s Wally scene. The two pages are stuck together at the edges with a big gap between them large enough for the card torch to fit in between them, lighting up the acetate with it’s end which can be either star or circle shaped, depending on which way you place the torch.

Where's Wally Santa Spotlight Search book page image two
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Where's Wally Santa Spotlight Search book page image three
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I love how detailed each page is and how only a portion of each image is visible at a time, making it fun to search for things in each scene and with each Where’s Wally scene being packed with so much detail you can have hours of fun searching for every lost item, or just looking at all the crazy things happening in each scene! Being a Christmas themed book, the scenes all are Christmas inspired including Santa’s workshop and a Festive Bake Off with a whole load of different Santa’s baking some delicious Christmas treats! There are lots of things to find besides Wally and his friends. Each left page features extra things to look for in the scene on the right, as well as having some things to spot on the left-hand page too. On some pages there are puzzles to do like spotting the difference between some jumpers or following a maze. There’s so much to look at and so much to do that it will take probably hours to find and do everything and really go through the whole book properly.

Where's Wally Santa Spotlight Search book page image four
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I do love this book and think it’s a brilliant Christmas gift for anyone that loves Where’s Wally books! Both children and adults will probably enjoy looking at this book and the added feature of having to search in darkened scenes using a torch just makes the whole book more fun, especially for children. But because of this feature and the fact the scenes have to be mounted on thick card and acetate pages, means that there are less scenes in total to look at, and even though I love this book and think it does have hours of potential fun, I do wish there were at least a couple more scenes as just six double pages and six scenes just doesn’t feel quite enough for me.

Where's Wally Santa Spotlight Search book page image five
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Where's Wally Santa Spotlight Search book page image six
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What do you think about this book?  Do you like Where’s Wally? books in general?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂