I have recently recived so many lovely new picture books from the publisher Graffeg.  I’ve already enjoyed so many Graffeg titles since I began reviewing for them this year, and there are more exciting and fun books publishing around now as you will soon see below.  These books look and sound amazing and two of them are from series I’ve already enjoyed, so let’s take a look at what’s come through my letter box recently, although they don’t technically fit through my letterbox, lol!

There are four books in total, here are the first two that arrived…

November book haul two Graffeg first two books
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Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas by Julia Rawlinson & Tiphanie Beeke – It’s Christmas Eve and Fletcher has had a terrible thought – what if Father Christmas can’t find the rabbits’ new burrow to deliver their presents?
But luckily Fletcher has an idea.  Join him and his friends as they set about making Christmas perfect in this enchanting seasonal story!

Molly and the Shipwreck by Malachy Doyle & Andrew Whitson – When out fishing with her dad, Molly hears a cry for help.  A woman and her children in a rickety old boat are in danger of capsizing?
Helping them ashore and giving them food and shelter for the night, Molly finds out the strangers are seeking a new home in a safe place, and she is determined to help them.  But will her new friend Amina and her family be allowed to stay on the island?  And will Amina’s father ever be reunited with his wife and children?
The fifth book in the acclaimed Molly series is a story for our times, a tale of finding a place in our lives and in our hearts for those in need.

And here are the next two whic look just as interesting and gorgeous 🙂 …

November book haul two Graffeg second two books
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Shine, Star, Shine! by Dom Conlon & Anastasia Izlesou – Travel with Star as her light zips across 93 million miles of space from her home to Earth, where she ripens crops, keeps us warm, creates weather and reveals a waking world full of life.

The New Girl by Nicola Daview & Cathy Fisher – A child starts a new school in a strange new town.   The children in her class are hostile towards her and unhappy about the stranger in their midst.  The child’s response is to create something beautiful that transforms their attitude towards her, changing their vision of themselves and their own lives in this inspiring story.


Don’t these book all look and sound lovely?  I can’t wait to read them and share my thoughts in reviews soon.  I hope you’ll want to stick around to see those as they will be appearing quite soon.  In the meantime what books are you looking forward to reading in December?

What do you think of these books?  Have you read any of these books or others in the Fletcher’s Four Seasons and Molly series?