Title: Count with Little Fish
Author: Lucy Cousins
Illustrator: Lucy Cousins
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Young children’s picture book, Learning – numbers
Book format: Board book
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Description: I am Little Fish, swimming in the sea.  I’m off to count my fishy friends…Come and count with me!
Count from one to ten with Little Fish in this deep-sea delight from award-wining Lucy Cousins, creator of Hooray for Fish!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a very fun little book that’s perfect for teaching kids to count to ten. A small book, smaller than A5 in size, ‘Count with Little Fish’ is a fun board book with rounded edges making it perfect for very young kids to hold. The book is made of shiny very colourful pages with an extra glossy finish on certain images found inside. The orange fish on the front cover has a glittery shine to it making it stand out more, although this is only on the cover and not inside the book.

Count with Little Fish book page image one
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The book is very simple but very fun. Each double page has a number on the left, with the written version of the number (one, two, three, etc.) written below it. On the right hand side of the page is a fun rhyme and images of fish. The number of fish correspond to the number on the left. The book follows a very fun rhyme throughout and there are some very funny fish to see and count. I really enjoyed the rhymes in this book as it really is fun for kids and something about rhyming books I’ve found, is that it just makes it easier and more fun to learn things. To give you an example of the rhymes in this book, the first page is ‘One Little Fish, swimming in the sea’ and on the second page, ‘Two twin fin-fin fish, as pretty as can be.’ The numbers on the page plus the image of the fish have an extra glossy finish making them stand out against the background when the book is tilted slightly towards the light.

The illustrations of all the fish are very fun with some of the fish looking very funny or silly. Each image of the fish is very colourful with nice thick outlines to each picture. I like the way each of the fish look and how different they all are, especially the fat fish and the thin fish.. I also like the way each of the fish looks so happy. I remember books when I was young for teaching things like counting and it’s things like all the funny fish in this book and the way they look that really helped me learn my numbers and it’s certainly a book I can see kids enjoying looking at again and again as they learn to count. The number on the left of each page has a colourful pattern to match the colours of the fish on the right.

Count with Little Fish book page image two
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There’s something so fun about this book There are more books in the Little Fish range (the cute orange fish from the front cover and first fish of the story) but this book is a great addition and I’m sure kids will enjoy it whether they’ve seen other books with Little fish in them or not. I really love how colourful and cute the whole book is and the last page is so fun with Little fish suddenly looking not so little! A book I’d definitely recommend for teaching counting from 1-10.

-Review first appeared online April 2018 – now republished here.

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