Last week I shared with you some lovely children’s and ya books which came from publishers Walker Books and Andersen Press.  Unfortunately the books I was expecting to get had been mixed up and I only received four of the eleven books I had been expecting, for reviewing.  Just after that post went up last week though, the rest of the them have finally arrived, and today I wanted to share the rest of this book haul with you as there’s a lot of great Christmas books here for kids!  Descriptions are brief from an email I received and are not full blurbs, and I’ve separated these into several pictures so you can really see the books I got.

First let’s start with the picture books which I had to split into two photos as the shapes of them made it hard to fit them all in together in one pic…

December book haul 2 Walker Books & Andersen Press wide picture books
©The Strawberry Post

Ella’s Night Lights by Lucy FlemingWhen the moon is high, Ella collects as many beams of light she can find to guide lost and lonely animals, and finds friendship in Fox and Owl. And, together, Ella’s animal friends know just how to return her kindness…

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas byClement C. Moore & P.J. LynchP.J. Lynch brings his rich and atmospheric art to this well-loved Christmas verse. From the stockings hung by the chimney to the bundle of toys flung over St Nicholas’s back, children will love to pore over the detailed illustrations.

Now onto the other picture books…

December book haul 2 Walker Books & Andersen Press tall picture books
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Frindlesylde by Natalia & Lauren O’HaraWhen the mysterious boy Frindleswylde steals the light from their lantern, Cora must follow him to his magical frozen kingdom and complete three Impossible Tasks to get it back.

Michael Rosen’s Sticky McStickstick: The Friend Who Helped Me Walk Again by Michael Rosen & Tony Ross – After being admitted to hospital in 2020 with coronavirus, Michael Rosen had to learn to walk again. With the support of doctors and nurses and a walking stick he names “Sticky McStickstick”, he manages to embark on the slow steps to recovery.

This is a large and heavy book but looks and sounds amazing…

December book haul 2 Walker Books & Andersen Press big book
©The Strawberry Post

Arthur the Always King by Kevin Crossley-Holland & Chris Riddell – From King Arthur’s childhood to his final battle, the timeless tales of the sword in the stone, the quests of the Knights of the Round Table and the wizardry of Merlin are woven together into a breathtaking feat of storytelling.

And finally a middle grade/older children’s fiction book and a picture book gift set…

December book haul 2 Walker Books & Andersen Press mg book and gift set
©The Strawberry Post

The Chime Seekers by Ross Montgomery – When an evil faerie steals Yanni’s baby sister and swaps her for a Changeling, Yanni is swept into a dangerous race against time to get her back.

The Polar Express Book and Gift Set by Chris Van Allsburg – Rediscover the spirit of Christmas with this fun-packed gift set, which contains gift edition story book, a bell from Santa’s sleigh, fold and send letter-to-Santa templates, North Pole stamp stickers, decorative Polar Express stickers to seal your letters.


Don’t all these book look and sound so amazing?! 😀  I’m going to rush to get started on the Christmas book reviews first but every book in this haul sounds brilliant and I can’t wait to read them all.  Please do look out for reviews of these in the near future and in the meantime let me know what books you are reading or looking forward to reading soon.

Do you like or want to read any of the books in this haul?  What books are you looking forward to reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂